6 Approaches To Reduce High Shopping Abandonment Rate

6 Approaches To Reduce High Shopping Abandonment Rate

A prospect wants to make a purchase online, reaches at an online store, browses through different products, finds the one best he/she wants, goes through different buying steps, at checkout, gets desperate after looking at the shipping cost, and quits the deal. This situation is common in the web world, and almost all big businesses are trying to cope with it by all possible means. High cart abandonment rate is frustrating for any online retailer and obviously for the customers because just a single thing disturbs their buying venture. How to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate? In this article, 6 tips will be mentioned. Read and implement to make your website customer friendly and experience high sales volume.

1.  Removing Shipping Cost Can Be Magical!

The worst thing, as mentioned above, is shipping cost that supports high cart abandonment rate. Most of the times, customers don’t calculate the shipping cost while making a deal online, so when they suddenly come to know about that at checkout stage, they quit the deal. Removing shipping cost or at least lowering it can help a lot in satisfying the customers and enabling them to complete the shopping deal.

Free shipping serves two purposes, one is to please the customers so that they complete the deal and the other is to win over their loyalty. They will come again at the store to purchase some product.

It takes a little investment at the retailer’s end, but the reward could be in terms of repeat customers, more sales, and more revenue. What else you want?

2.  Restructure The Checkout Process

Lengthy and complicated checkouts serve as hindrance in way of successful buying. More checkout pages frustrate the customers and they think about cart abandonment.  Ask the important information only. There are many extensions available to create simple and customer-friendly checkout. "Magento checkout fields" is one such module to help frustrated online retailers who want to cope effectively with high cart abandonment rate. It enables them using the necessary and useful fields only to get filled up by the customers.

3.  Don’t Ask For Signup!

Make it clear that every customer at your online store doesn’t want to signup. Don’t make it a compulsion to sign up for making the deal final as it will support high cart abandonment rate. Every customer might not be a repeat customer, so why to make them selecting a username and password. A wise approach is to ask for signup once they make the deal. A simple email address can be asked for to finalize the deal and you can send special offers or discounts to the customers on that address. What else could be the need for getting registered with your online store? If you still want users to register for a strong reason then its best to use social login buttons. You can choose Magento Facebook Login Extension Magento Facebook Login Extension that places buttons to let users login with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo account with a single click. Make them feel happy and they will come again and again at your online store.

4.  Use The Power Of Reminder Email

After following the above mentioned steps, customers can still go for shopping cart abandonment. The reasons may include a thought process needed for completing the deal. Don’t assume that an abandoned cart means customers don’t want to make a purchase at your site, instead, go for convincing them. Let them know that they have left something precious in their cart. A reminder email can do the magic and that might be what they are looking for. Set a time for reminder email and let the customers know they have abandoned the cart and their issue could be resolved. Invite them to save the cart for some later time. It’s a smart approach because customers may have abandoned the cart due to budget or some other genuine reason and may want to come back again. Have look at the couple of extension that can help you to send automatic follow up email follow up email and abandoned cart reminders.

5.  Discounts And Coupon Codes Can Be An Appealing Force

It’s integrated with the previous point, sending reminder email. A discount or coupon code offered in the reminder email can be a big appealing force for the customers and they will come back at your online store to complete the purchasing process. All this will show how much value you give to your customers and they will feel privileged. It’s a tried and tested approach to recover the abandoned shopping carts.

6.  Think All About Customer-Friendliness

Complicated websites support high cart abandonment, so try to make the store easy to use by the customers. It includes everything that could support customer friendliness, like the site design, smooth navigation, detailed product description, clear product images, etc. Lacking the good user flow means allowing customers not to convert. Remember the fewer clicks required making the deal final, the happier a customer would be.

In real, you might feel satisfied when the customers add products to their shopping cart, but the real story begins after that, as cart abandonment is a common issue at web-based stores. Think about anything that could help making the website and the checkout process customer-friendly. Discounts, coupon codes, reminder emails, simple checkout, no signup before purchase, all these aspects help lowering the shopping cart abandonment and improving the sales volume of a business.

What else you want to add to the topic to tackle the high cart abandonment rate? Share in the comments below!