Customer ExperienceJanuary 29, 2015

8 Tips To Provide Enhanced Customer Experience At An Ecommerce Website

8 Tips To Provide Enhanced Customer Experience At An Ecommerce Website

78% companies have spent more on improving web experience of their customers during 2014. (Temkin Group) 82% consumers think better customer experience means their issues at an ecommerce site resolve quickly. (LivePerson)

The online scenario is changing at fast pace and no doubt getting complex. New ecommerce platforms and augmented reality are enabling users to have different experience of interaction at different e stores. All this is putting challenge for ecommerce web store owners to make their web presence customer-friendly. Satisfied customers mean winning over their loyalty and multiplying the business profits. How to achieve such an objective? This writing will help you out.

1. Smooth Product Search

Online shoppers visiting an ecommerce store come under three categories.
  • Those who know what they want from your store: Such shoppers will go directly to the search bar and find the product they are looking for. Auto complete search option is good for such customers.
  • Those who are just browsing different segments of your store: Allow a personalized search experience to such shoppers like color, brand, size, and price.
  • Those looking for guidance to reach the desired products: They might have the product criterion in their mind, but need assistance. Including product features in the search options can help them a lot.

2. Simple Checkout Process

Simplified checkout process helps improving the customer experience at your ecommerce store. How to do that? Here are given ways.
  • Make shopping cart easily accessible on every web page. Pop up window for shopping cart is a better option.
  • Include taxes and shipping cost in the shopping cart and tell the customers clearly.
  • Make the related/recommended products visible at the checkout page. It helps increasing the upsells.
  • Provide multiple payment options to facilitate customers.
  • Offer the customers to continue the checkout process as a guest or create an account. Do not force for signup.
  • Ask whether they want standard or speedy shipping. Tell them the estimated delivery time.

For efficient checkout, the Magento based online store owners can make use of Fme’s extensions like Magento 2 custom checkout fields, Magento One Step Checkout to manage the checkout section in a hassle free manner.

3. Display Contact Information Clearly

Efficient customer service at pages like after the checkout stage matters a lot to improve their web experience. Display your contact information clearly on all pages so that customers could contact you in case of a problem or just to stay in touch. Avoid overloading the FAQ section of your ecommerce website because it may hinder the customers to move further. Solve any of the customers’ complaints or issues in a timely manner. A self-service support form is also a good approach to make customers happy.

4. Get Social

Engage with your customers at popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Announce promotions and stay in active communication with your customers. It will help winning over their loyalty and attracting new customers. Instead of ticket submission, social media channels are efficient to resolve customers’ issues or answer their queries.

5. Give Every Web Page A Personal Touch

Provide customers with customized web experience of your store. Make call to actions clear to guide customers in reaching the desired location. Keep a customer-friendly tone throughout the web pages of your ecommerce store. It will make customers feel valued.

6. Get Help From Customer Reviews

Know what customers say about different products or customer service. It will help you knowing what products perform best and where improvement is needed. At ecommerce websites, customers usually read reviews and then think about buying. They want to see real feedback from real customers.

7. Tailor The Transaction Emails

Never compromise on the effective copy of transaction emails. Such emails target the existing customers or those who have abandoned the carts, the follow up emails. Feedback emails are also important to build stronger relationships with the customers. The email tone should be friendly. Switch to the latest trends and use an upbeat tone. Address the customers or prospects, as they are your friends. Let them relate to your emails.

8. Use Quality Content

It could be the website content or the blog. Use high quality content and include visuals for better appeal. Educate the customers and win over their loyalty. They will consider you as a market leader and will come back again and again to know what is new shared.

Content should be concise, informative, and fresh. Images should reveal about the products and tempt them to know more.

These 8 ways are meant to improve the website experience of your customers. Keep on analyzing your existing strategies and improve upon where needed. It will help you making your customers satisfied and increasing their loyalty. Keep an eye on changing ecommerce world and the advancing technologies. Improve the look and feel of your e store to make that appealing for the customers. Little tweaking can do a great job, so make such tweaks customer-friendly.