7 Key Magento Tools for Efficient Business Management

7 Key Magento Tools for Efficient Business Management

Running an online store with Magento is a big deal – it powers over 151,121 online shops, raking in a massive $48 billion sales. But having a great website is just the start. You've got to handle customer stuff, keep track of inventory, manage orders, and do some marketing and accounting. It's a bit of a juggling act!

And that's where Magento management software comes in. We've got seven of these handy tools to help streamline your business. Our team will break down what each software does, how it integrates with the Magento eCommerce platform, what benefits it offers, and what drawbacks it has. By the end, you will be in the know about choosing the best Magento 2 Management Software sidekick for your store.

Let's dive in and simplify your life!

Key Benefits of Using Management Software for Magento

Magento management software is designed to make your life easier by seamlessly connecting with different parts of your store – from keeping tabs on inventory to handling orders, customers, speed optimization, content management, website security, SEO, and even marketing, etc.

So, why should you hop on the management software for Magento 2 store?

Let us share some perks that might just convince you, but not limited to:

1. Automate Precision and Reduce Human Errors

Management software for Magento 2 offers a key advantage by automating order processing and syncing data with other systems like CRM, ERP, or POS. This means it can automatically handle order validation, confirmation, invoicing, shipping, and tracking, sparing you and your team from manual tasks.

Not only does this reduce human errors, but it also frees up time to focus on critical areas like customer service, marketing, and product development. This paves the way for a more efficient and effective business operation.

2. Prevent Over-Stocking and Stockouts

In October 2021, a staggering two billion "out of stock" messages lit up online, according to an Adobe Analytics study.

  • Having too much stuff in your warehouse (overstocking) is like draining money without making any profit.
  • On the flip side, stockouts not only harm your brand but also frustrate customers ready to buy.

But with Magento retail management, you can have a centralized view of your inventory. It helps you track inventory, stock levels, identify items for reorder, and pinpoint those needing a sales boost.

3. Boost Functionality

Businesses benefit greatly from using Magento management software, and here's why: a wide array of options is available to boost the functionality of their online stores. These extensions cater to various needs, ranging from improving performance to streamlining operations and providing seamless features for customers.

You can consider functionalities such as product searches, sorting, and comparison, as well as the simplification of the checkout process. Buyers have diverse requirements, and these can be smoothly integrated into the website through the use of extensions. The outcome? Improved functionality translates to heightened user engagement and increased gross sales.

4. Consistency Across Channels

Magento management software empowers you to build a well-organized and uniform product data system across all your sales and marketing channels. This plays a vital role in boosting your omnichannel strategy and elevating the overall customer experience.

5. Improve User Experience

With Magento 2 Management Software in place, users can navigate the store with greater ease, fostering a sense of confidence in the security of their data and transactions. Besides, a seamless and secure user experience is crucial, as an unappealing interface is likely to deter customers from staying on the site.

Top 7 Must-Have Magento Management Software Suggested by Experts

1. Magento Live Chat Extension

Online shoppers often face a common hassle — they want to ask questions about the stuff they're eyeing, but reaching out to the store feels like a maze. This lack of accessible communication can lead to frustration, confusion, and even cart abandonment, denting the store's sales and reputation.

That's why you need to use WhatsApp Chat for Magento 2 by FME Extensions, the solution you didn't know you needed. This Magento 2 management software seamlessly integrates WhatsApp Chat functionality into your online store. It's like having a team of support agents ready to tackle different areas such as sales, finance, or product development. That's what this extension offers. Besides, you can jazz up the WhatsApp Chat popup – choose button styles, tweak text size and color, decide where it pops up and set a default message.

Moreover, merchants can set each agent's weekly schedule, add holidays with a custom message, and monitor customer chats from the backend. It's akin to having a backstage pass to the customer service concert. Plus, you can change chat statuses as needed.

So, why bother with all this? Simple — immediate assistance for your customers, happier shoppers, increased loyalty, and a boost in your store's conversion rate. In a nutshell, it's a win-win.

2. Magento Point of Sale System

Online shoppers sometimes wish to touch, see, or try out products before buying, making a trip to a physical store tempting. However, they don't want to lose the perks of online shopping, like better prices, a more extensive selection, and quicker delivery.

In such cases, the Magestore point of sale (POS) system is an amazing and quick solution to these problems. It's like a magic wand for an omnichannel shopping experience. With the Magestore POS, you can let customers switch smoothly between your online and offline stores, which gives them the best of both shopping worlds.

Magestore POS

So, what exactly can it do?

This POS Magento management software acts as a digital maestro, orchestrating sales transactions, inventory management, customer relations, and various facets of your retail venture.

With Magestore POS, you can connect your virtual and physical stores in real time. This eradicates data discrepancies and ensures a consistent shopping experience. The synchronization process encompasses product data, customer details, orders, and inventory to help your store safeguard against issues like stock outs or overselling.

Moreover, the versatility of Magestore POS extends to accessibility, enabling usage on any device or browser, with or without an internet connection. Thanks to Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, the POS system operates seamlessly on web browsers and various mobile devices.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Magestore POS offers a one-time payment for a lifetime of benefits. This singular payment covers the POS license, allowing unlimited users, registers, and locations. The streamlined approach not only saves on maintenance costs but also ensures compatibility with the latest Magento versions, coupled with support and consultation from Magento experts.

3. Magento 2 Pre Order Extension

Integrating a pre-order system, similar to the FME Extensions Pre Order for Magento 2, can be an intelligent move in product sales. This approach allows products to be marketed before they hit the shelves or officially launch.

What sets this system apart is its ability to inform customers and actively involve them in the entire journey. The system's adaptability, versatility, and visually appealing and customizable interface make it a practical solution. Also, this plugin goes beyond the basics by showcasing availability dates, using countdown timers, and allowing custom messages for pre-order products.

Going a step further, the system provides the flexibility to tweak upcoming product prices in line with specific sales strategies. Whether adjusting prices upwards or providing discounts, the process is seamless, with options to modify prices by a fixed value or a percentage.

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4. Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher

Navigating product prices across various currencies can be a hurdle for online shoppers, especially when dealing with foreign stores or regions. FME Auto Currency Switcher for Magento steps in as a practical solution to address this common challenge.

This Magento 2 extension tackles the issue by automatically converting product prices to the local currency. What makes it stand out from other plugins is its commitment to accuracy and reliability, which utilizes databases like Maxmind to pinpoint customer location and adjust the currency accordingly.

Ensuring that currency rates stay current, the extension taps into APIs and rounds prices post-conversion. Noteworthy is its efficiency, seamlessly operating on any device or browser without compromising loading times. The installation and configuration process is user-friendly, requiring just a few clicks and settings.

5. Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension

Next, let's discover the Magento 2 Improved Sorting of FME Extensions, widely recognized for its user-friendly features. With a whopping 14 sorting options available on both category and search pages, including popular choices like best seller, top-rated, and new arrival, customers now have the power to tailor their product searches to fit their unique preferences.

These sorting options go beyond the basics, which cover factors like review count, stock quantity, and items in the wishlist. This variety allows customers to effortlessly narrow down their choices based on their specific needs, interests, or expectations.

Besides, merchants can rearrange, enable, or disable sorting options according to what works best for your store. Even better, you can decide whether to apply each sorting option to category pages, search pages, or both.

6. Magento 2 Order Archive

Your order grid, the table displaying all your store orders, might get a bit overwhelming, especially if your store has a hefty order history. The FME Extensions Magento 2 Order Archive steps in to optimize your order grid by relocating some orders to a separate grid. While these orders remain stored and accessible, they won't clutter your primary order grid.

Installation is a breeze, and merchants gain the ability to choose which orders to archive or delete based on their age or status — whether completed, canceled, or refunded. Tailoring it to your needs, you can opt for manual archiving or set up automatic archiving with specific conditions and attributes. Feel free to restore any archived orders whenever you need them — no goodbyes, just a smart way to manage your store efficiently.

7. Order Import Export for Magento 2

Have you ever struggled to smoothly transfer heaps of order data between different platforms or stores? The struggle is real, especially when juggling multiple sources, complex formats, and a mountain of data. Don’t worry because FME Extensions has Magento management software to handle these problems: Order Import Export for Magento 2.

No need to fret about losing time or accuracy. This flexible and customizable management software for Magento 2 allows merchants to effortlessly upload or extract large volumes of order data in one go by using the familiar CSV or XML formats. With various filters, profiles, and settings, you have the power to tailor the order data transfer to your specific needs.

Keep tabs on your data with features like import history viewing, error fixing, and import queue management. Do you need your export files somewhere specific? No problem – you can send them straight to your web server or email. And when it comes to importing, choose whether to merge the data with existing orders or replace it entirely based on certain conditions.


So, here it is: using Magento management software can shake things up for businesses on Magento. It's like having a smooth way to handle all kinds of tasks and operations. The seven management software options we discussed are like a handy toolkit, covering important stuff like running orders, improving checkouts, and moving data around effortlessly.

When you bring these solutions into your Magento business, it's not just about getting software. It's like investing in getting things done better – making your work smoother, boosting productivity, and making your business more flexible. And having the right management software for Magento 2 is like having a reliable guide to navigate the ups and downs of e-commerce on Magento.

So, why wait, visit the FMEextensions website today and discover how our Magento Experts can help you take your Magento business to the next level.