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Top 5 Means to Enhance Conversion Rate with Photo Galleries

Top 5 Means to Enhance Conversion Rate with Photo Galleries

Reasons behind the rise and fall of website

Creating a website to substitute online presence for a business is something that happens almost every day nowadays. Taking it from the visitor’s perspective, the amount of websites being visited is enormous. While every day the same visitor lands on a hundred websites alone, but only a few manage to engage the visitor. Why do these websites outstand with against their peers and retain the visitors? Which factors make them impervious to abandonment? There are several yes, but one among the prime factors that determines the fate is the addition of image galleries in the web page.

Connecting to the audience is the primary purpose of a website and any online presence that fails to achieve this goal is not worthy of staying on the World Wide Web. This aspect enhances the website’s ability of catching the visitor’s attention without compromising or eliminating other vital elements of a webpage. Adding picture gallery to your online store is not just a step ahead of improving its appearance and adding allure to it, but it constitutes in the ranking system immensely and exhibits the visibility your website deserves. From the high level of traffic you receive, the conversions follow soon after.

Which works best for your website?

Choosing a well developed extension to manage your image galleries is imperative for your website. To keep your website and business in shape, use the best extension available for the task like FME Magento Photo Collage. Among many other modules, the optimization and user experience ratings strongly recommend this extension due to its customization features and user feedback that outshines its competitors by a landslide.

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Why are Conversions Important?

When a visitor lands on an ecommerce website and is convinced that the products this store displays are meeting his/her the needs and wants then that customer becomes a lead and proceeds to the checkout process to make the purchase official. Every ecommerce website thrives on conversions because it helps achieve the cardinal purpose of an online presence, the “need to sell products and services in the most efficient means possible for greater profit”. To make sure you use product image galleries to their full spectrum in order to achieve maximum conversions, here are 5 awesome tips that will assist you in your journey.

1. Show Emotions

What you are about to learn is the secret recipe of making the customer tick. Consider yourself in the customers shoes, shuffling websites and you just don’t seem able to find a good surveillance camera for your home security, but then you find a security website that sells the surveillance cameras and has posted a picture of catching a robber through the camera lens next to another of the same robber being arrested by the police through the face recognition feature. Now that camera is SOLD! Even though it was the same model the customer might have seen on other online stores, but it was compelling photo that nailed the strategy.

Winning the emotions of the customers through charming and interesting photos that prompts happiness, pride and being wanted is a bewitching strategy that gets the best of the customer. To make sure your images target the tenderness of heart or the fear inflicted brain of the customer, do research and post the right image for the right product.

2. Introduce a Universal Ambassador

You must be aware of mascots, either you are a sports fan, a college freshman, a console gamer or even white collar employee at a multinational organization, mascots are literally everywhere. Using these figures of imagination to lift up your store could be game changer for your traffic.

The paperclip from Microsoft office Mr. Clippit or better known as Clippy has been the old school mascot of office documents during the early ages of Microsoft office. That mascot alone managed to establish a bond with the Microsoft customers more than any advertisement done for the promotion of Microsoft office.

Putting a good looking mascot that befits the context of your website’s products and services can increase customer engagement and nudge up the conversion your store gets. To make your mascot appealing you can add some touch of humor as well.

3. Use Out of the Box Ideas

To some thinking out of the box has become a very overrated maneuver that does not work on every website. Given that most websites already are erected on free designs and templates, putting something original would not affect the websites rankings and visibility. That is completely WRONG! In this new era of website buzz, keeping something original in the ecommerce industry counts a lot, because customer perceptions have altered and they are looking for innovative and striking ideas that set aside good websites rubbish websites floating on the internet. Let your imagination breathe and introduce captivating ideas to the website.

It can be as slight as addition or reduction in white spacing or an entire new template that shows photo galleries with an improved block and various other enhancements on the page. You can inject neon theme to a lighting website or even a “Contact Supplier” button for an electronics store. Giving your website a change can be winning effect if it is executed correctly.

4. Validate your Claims

Whenever you walk in to buy anything that is restricted by age you are required to validate your years of existence to convince the shop owner that the product can be owned by you.

Similarly whenever you put something to be purchased on the internet you have to validate your pitch. You might as well have seen many grossing websites that use celebrities and models on their web pages to promote their line of products because they are not stupid to sell anything without making the consumer tick.

Produce happy images of people with smiles and smirks that penetrate to provide a third opinion for your customers to acknowledge. This not only speeds up the decision time of the consumers, but attracts celebrities to high profile people to contribute in product campaigns.

5. Keep up With the Era

Keeping up with technology is imperative. Your pictures must not only be according to the website standards but must show era appropriate aspects such as fashion and social trends. Picture of a woman promoting Smartphone in her hand will not grasp the attention of the buyer if her clothing lacks fashion sense, or her human gestures are posed from the 90s. Even if you are using Magento product image extension, an old fashioned image will not help. You must provide an edge to your images with trending features and stylish content.