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Photo Collage for Magento 1


FME Photo Collage Magento Extension allows your customers to upload an image from their PC, crop it, add a frame and then buy finalized image. Allowed file types are JPG, GIF and PNG. You can enable max. image upload size and frame selection. In order to crop an image of desired width and height, you can also use CSV pricing feature included in this module. Click on DEMO to test all the features according to your needs.

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      This Image picker extension for Magento allows your customers to crop an image, add frames, apply color effect and purchase the cropped photo. This module is suitable for image-based websites e.g., artists portfolio. Customers are able to upload images on frontend, and then crop the image as required. There are two options for cropping, first one is to use mouse pointer, and second one is to enter custom width and height.

      This module will then scan the CSV file associated with that specific product to calculate the price of a cropped image.

      Upload How Does the Pricing Works:Multiple Banners

      Since the size of a cropped image may vary, you cannot set a fix price for such variable sized products. This plug-in allows you to create and upload a spreadsheet against each product that will contain the price of different photo dimensions (see snapshots or Demo). For each product, you can configure following settings in the newly created tab:

      • Enable Photo collage products
      • Select CSV file from a drop down, this drop down lists all available CSV files
      • Select row and column labels
      • Allow user to upload image on frontend
      • Select photo frame

      Photo Effects

      Following photo effects are supported:

      • Black & White
      • Mirrored

      Photo Frames:

      • Create multiple frames and upload
      • You can set sort order
      • For each frame, you can specify its additional price
      • Associate frame with a CSV file
      • Associate a frame with desired products

      Key Features:

      • CSV pricing featured is included. This will calculate price of a cropped image from the CSV file
      • Customers can upload image on frontend and crop desired area
      • Image preview in light box
      • Photo effects included, you can enable/disable these
      • You can upload custom photo frames, where each frame can have its own additional price
      • Upload multiple CSV files
      • Easily manage everything from centralized spot
      • Enable min and max image size
      • Specify allowed file types
      • Custom validation and error messages

      Photo Frames:

      • Magento Module General Features
      • 100% OpenSource
      • Multi-Store Supported
      • Multi-Language Supported
      • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
      • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
      • Lifetime Support Free Support

      Please see step by step/How it works tab on this page to learn more.

      Once this module has been installed, please visit the configuration section on the backend.


      This section allows you to configure following settings:

      General Settings:

      • Enable this module
      • Configure min and max image upload size
      • Enable different color effects such as black and white, mirrored image
      • Enable frame selection on frontend

      CSV Pricing Settings

      • Enter the measurement unit such as cm, m, inches, feet etc.
        Enter min and max value messages
        Enter size not found message

      Next, you can add frames, upload CSV file and configure product settings, which are defined below.

      Frames Set Manager

      In this section, you can add frames and configure following settings:

      • Enter the frame title, set sort order and enable it
      • Upload an image for frame, set its price, label and CSV file
      • Select products with which this frame can be used

      Manage CSV Files

      In this section, you can upload CSV files and label them. You can then visit each product and associate it with a CSV file uploaded from here.

      Photo Collage

      This is a new tab, which is created for your products by this module. Click on any product to configure following photo collage settings:

      • Enable photo collage product
      • Select a CSV file for that specific product
      • Enter row and column labels
      • Enable user to upload image on frontend
      • Select frame set

      If you need more assistance, please contact our support.

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      Good product, great support

      The product is working very well. We had some initial trouble due to the configuration of our store. FME Support did a great job to install the extension for us and fixing small issues.


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