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One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout

Magento One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout is specially designed for store owners who believe in providing the best possible services to their clients. It lessens the checkout time for your valuable customers which directly effects your sales conversion rate favorably. Online Magento Store owners who are looking for some considerable increase in their sales need to make the smart move and install this extension in order to attract customers to your site with the time saving features you offer which does not allow the customer to think twice.

This extension makes the default One Step Magento Checkout process look redundant as it is very time consuming and has six long steps which is more likely to cause your customers to lose interest while filling out the form. However, FME One Step Checkout enables you to cut down the time consuming six steps to just one and assists you to abstain from missing out on quite a few credible sales. Let us take you through the process your customers will have to follow. This extension allows your clients to Choose a product, Add to Cart and then click on the Proceed to Checkout tab.

This will navigate your customers to the One Step Checkout Page. All that is left to do is that the text fields have to be filled out and your customers are out and you have gained precious dollars and a loyal customer!

Keep it simple stupid (KISS Model) - Thats the FME One Step Checkout Magento Extension!


The Front End of the One Step Checkout Magento Extension show-cases a stylish, yet to-the-point One Step Checkout Page. Equipped with an AJAX login and Forgot your password option, the magento extension is designed to be speedy in its operations not wasting the customer's time at all.

The First Step of the Front End comprises of the Billing Options. Your customers will have to provide their personal details in the text fields respectively. These details include Name, Address etc. FME designs extension keeping in mind that your customers are the highest priority. So this extension also allows your clients to ship the products to a different address.

The next step is the Shipping Method which defines the rates of shipping your products around the globe. Following the Shipping Method, the next step is the Payment Information. Your customers have an option of paying by cheque or credit card, whichever suits them best. All they have to do is just select one of the options and fill in the information.

The Front End Magento Extension also displays the Order Review to your clients which assists them to go over the products they have added to the cart. To give them the best shopping experience, this extension allows your valuable customers to to modify their Shopping Cart from the Checkout Page as well. Also, your customers can claim any discount coupons they have by clicking on the Apply Coupon Tab.

FME gives the store owners complete control of the extension by fitting in as many configurations as we can. These configurations enable you to modify almost anything in extension from the Admin Panel. There are many general configurations present for the magento extension. There is an option available to enable or disable the Quick Checkout by editing the text field given in front of it. You can set the Quick Checkout Title by editing the text field. For example type in “Quick Checkout” and click save changes and your title will be modified. The store owners can enter their own Quick Checkout content by modifying it from the Admin. Another feature of this dandy magento extension is that you can enable the Newsletter Subscription on the Quick Checkout by editing the text field in the configurations. FME also gives you an option to enable or disable the use of discount coupons on the Quick Checkout.

This can be done by editing the text field provided in front of it. You can also enable or disable the login link on the extension by modifying the text field. The Store owners have the choice of allowing or disallowing the Customer registration on Quick Checkout. Also, they can enter the Quick Checkout Login Link by editing the text field in the Admin as well. There are many configurations available for any updating the Shipping or Payment Methods by any change in the Country, Zip/Postal Code or the State/Province of your clients by editing their text fields respectively.

Following General Configurations are the Theme Configurations. FME makes sure that it fulfills its promise of providing you with the best extensions. The Online Magento Store owner can enter the Color Code For Tabs Background by editing the text field. Keep up with the In colors to attract new and old customers to your store. You can enter the CSS Style For Tabs Heading by editing the text field. Also, the CSS Style For Buttons by editing the text field given in front of it and design the extension the way you choose to. The Store owner can also edit the width of Agreements Pop-ups by entering it in the text field.

The AJAX Loading Message has various configurations, enabling the store owners to set the login validation by editing the text field. Also the Forgot Password Loading can be edited from the Admin by modifying the text field. You can set the Shipping Method by editing the text field. The Payment methods can be set in accordance to your choice. Some other key configurations of the One Step Checkout are that the Review Order can be updated by editing the text field. Also, the Order Submission can be defined from the Admin Panel.