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One Step Checkout for Magento 1


Magento One Page Checkout Extension simplifies the lengthy default 6 steps checkout process to only one page, making it user-friendly and quick for users. Magento One Step Checkout is a responsive module with AJAX loading feature. Store owners can customize checkout page with different color schemes. A text field can be enabled to let customers attach special notes for store admin. FME One Page Checkout Magento is also featured on Magento Marketplace.

  • Simplifies Checkout Page
  • Customize One Step Checkout Theme
  • Supports All Magento Payment Gateways
  • Fully Responsive & Ajax Supported
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Magento One page Checkout
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Magento Checkout Extension
Magento Checkout Extension
Magento Checkout Extension
Magento quick Checkout Extension
Magento quick Checkout Extension


Ask Sources From Customers

You can learn where your customers heard about your web store. You can add well known sources such as Google, Magazine Advertising, Newspaper, Friend, etc.

Register Customer On Checkout

New customers can be registered on the checkout page. Enable or disable this option from the back end.

Ajax Loading

Fields such as billing, shipping or payment methods are processed through Ajax Loader. You can also display custom messages for Ajax loadings screen.

Customer Comments Area

Enable customer comments area for on the checkout page. You can enter custom label for the comment section.

Customize Look and Feel

Customize checkout page theme. You can style buttons, change heading for tabs and add color to tabs background.

Payment Gateways

One step module supports all Magento payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout,, Sagepay and many more.

Why Magento One Step Checkout Is A Must Have

Here are the top features that will help you determine why our Magento one step checkout extension is a must have. Checkout our Magento connect listing to read customer reviews of our Magento one step checkout extension.

6 Steps Checkout to Just 1

Reduce Magento 6 checkout steps to a single step in a single page. Research shows that Magento one step checkout outperforms multi-step checkout by 21.6 percent.

Responsive design

One Page checkout Magento extension introduces responsive design for the checkout page. Responsive design allows the checkout page to fit on all screen resolutions of multiple devices and enhance scrolling and user experience.

Improves Checkout Performance

By integrating one step checkout you can enhance the performance of your store checkout. Research says approximately 20% conversions can be increased by improving user checkouts experience.

Reduce Cart Abandonments

One step checkout minimizes cart abandonments by allowing fast checkouts. Customers often get frustrated when they have to fill the fields and wait for each step to load. One step condenses all the steps in one and facilitates a fast process checkout so the customer remains till the end.

Increase Sales

You can amplify your product sales. As you simplify the checkout page more customer will be attracted to shop from your store because of easy and quick checkout process. Your website will make more revenue than it used to with multiple page checkout

Increase Conversion

Produce more conversions with Magento onepage checkout module. The user does not need to go back and forth for changing any information. An average multi-step checkout takes 90sec to complete where as the one step reduces that time to 55 sec.

Ajax Loading

One step checkout Magento extension removes page reloads, allows admin to customize Ajax loading messages for;

Login Validation

When a registered user enters login information such as ID and password, the each section is updated through ajax

Forgot Password Loading

Once the customer clicks on forgot password link, Ajax loads the request and opens a pop up to send password through email

Shipping Method

The customer can select shipping method for different products and Ajax will update the shipping options according the region

Payment Method

The customer can select different payment methods as per their preferences. Ajax will load the payment gateways without refreshing the checkout page

Review Order

Ajax loads the final details so the customers can quickly review it in the end before the product is sent for ordering.

Order Submission

Ajax loads the final message indicating that the order has been submitted

Register your Customers On Checkout

Your customers don't have to go to the registration page.

Create Account On Checkout

Customers can enter their details on the registration form and instantly become a web store member on the checkout page. This prevents cart abandonment and helps easy login for the customer.

Generate Auto Password

This option allows customers to obtain auto generated password through email without entering it themselves while registering on checkout page. You can also select the length of the auto generated password.

Login Link

You can set up Nivo Slider with personalized settings to engage more Customers can login to their account simply by clicking the link provided on the top of the checkout page. This allows customers to login without going back to Sign-in page.customers towards the banners.

Customize Checkout Theme

Add color codes and use attractive styles for tab headings and buttons with Magento One page Checkout module.

Color Code For Tabs Background

Use hex color codes to add different colors for tab backgrounds.

CSS Style For Tabs Heading

Add CSS codes to style tab headings in the checkout page

CSS Style For Buttons

Enter CSS codes to style buttons in checkout page.

Ask Customer Source

Use customer source options to find the reference of your website with Magento single page checkout.

Add unlimited sources

You can add unlimited sources such as Google, Magazine Advertising, Newspaper or Friend etc

Displayed in drop down

Configure JSSOR sliCustomers can select their source of reference from a list shown in drop down buttonder settings to enable/disable autoplay, set an interval between banners to display on category pages.

Make optional or mandatory

You can make this optional or mandatory for the customers on the checkout page

Supported Payment Gateways

Onepage checkout Magento extension supports following major payment gateways.

  • Sagepay supported
  • Paypal
  • Google Checkout
  • All payment gateways that are supported in Magento.

Configuration Options

Configure setting from the back end to add text area, enable coupon codes, write checkout title/description and update shipping and payment methods

Customer Comment / Text Area

Enable comments area to allow customers write special details or comments about the product.

Coupon Code

Enable coupon code area for customers to avail gifts and discounts

Checkout Title & Description

Add custom checkout title and description on the top of the checkout page.

Update Shipping & Payment Methods

Update Shipping/Payment Methods on Country Change and on Zip/Postal code change.

More Features

  • Enable / Disable Billing Detail on Quick Checkout
  • Enable / Disable Newsletter Subscription on Quick Checkout
  • Allow customers to change Quantity on Quick Checkout
  • Enable / Disable Coupon on Quick Checkout
  • Enable / Disable Coupon Popup
  • Customize Quick Checkout Login Link Context
  • Enable / Disable Customer Registration on Quick Checkout
  • Enable Auto Password Generator on Quick Checkout
  • Customize the length of Auto Generator Password
  • Enable / Disable Shipping/Payment Methods update on Country, Zip Code, and State.

Reviews & Ratings (20)



Great extension with perfect blend of support. Hopefully you'll keep support store owners like this through out. Thank you guys



Works out of the box

Works as expected. Highly recommended for fast checkout. Design is easy to customise as well.



Can you make it responsive?

Nice extension! But you guys need to make it responsive as it will make the extension perfect. Keep it up guys

Michael Dan

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