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How to Boost Traffic to Your e-Commerce Website

How to Boost Traffic to Your e-Commerce Website
Online traffic fuels the sales whether you are the owner of a small time business on Etsy or a significant ecommerce set up. The major objective of most businesses doing their selling online is to amplify traffic, but it requires a lot of patience and skill to elevate the website above the threshold of visibility. Here are 5 effective ways to boost traffic for your ecommerce stores.

1. Content Quality Beats Content Quantity

To achieve the results companies’ desire for boosting traffic on their ecommerce websites; the most effective strategy is content posting. More than 80% of companies integrate content strategies but sadly only 32% of these companies get the kind of feedback they consider effective. Produce Premium Quality Creating high quality content and then channeling it through blogs is a careful line of work and that is why companies hire teams, even departments for the task. If you are looking for a solution to manage your valuable content, I would recommend Advanced Articles Extension for Magento. Adding Ingenuity It is not just writing a blog and uploading a few images that can suffice getting traffic to the platform, but adding techniques and media driven tactics such as memes for humor and short videos for info is also important. Make Customer the Hero Lifting the customer to the grand stage is necessary if content marketing is to be done right. Your customer has a whole chronicle to be told and your job is to get it up. What the customer thinks about your brand and what makes it stand out against the rest of its peers. By showing how much you appreciate and value your customers will definitely magnetize your page and attract loads and tons of traffic.

2. Trending in with Videos

Your customer is blind as a bat when it comes to shopping for products online. Few display pictures of the product will fail to convince the visitor in buying it. Why videos are necessary? To eradicate the blandness, spice it up by uploading an interactive video about the product showing its specifications and performance.  Video featuring is a powerful way to sell products with ‘out of the box’ ideas that cannot be presented through info graphics and images. Make the Product HOT Smart websites often hire models to display their merchandise in videos which is an excellent way to market products in multiple norms of consumers. The correct Way to Publish Videos There a two major methods to upload and publish video on your ecommerce website. 1. Self Hosting 2. Using Third Party Service (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) Self hosting videos are an effective technique for raising traffic for the website. It is mostly employed when the owner wishes to raise its video rankings from its competitor website. If you want to Add the Videos of Products and Category Images – Media Gallery & Product Videos Extension for Magento can help. The key is to optimize the video correctly before uploading it. Run it on the Most Popular Search Engine The second method covers oceans of traffic if you use the right search engine to host your video. Youtube for instance is the second most widely used search engine next to Google. It would be a shame if you are selling the newest trending sneakers and it doesn’t get exposed to the right amount of people in order to get the sales running. Load-Time Shrinks The page load time is also minimized without any lag when visitors attempt playing the video. Using popular search engines for marketing can save a lot from your effort without spending a cent from your pocket.

3. Domain Game

Ignoring a misspell domain might be one of the most common mistakes that costs traffic in the first place. Ecommerce businesses need a zesty and racy title for their sales to happen. An attractive domain can sweep in traffic from even the most remote and media barren countries if the seller has a domain worth searching for. Too Attached with Brand Spellings But even the most popular stores fail to convert their in-store customers to ecommerce websites users, because either they have a domain that doesn’t have a .com or they deliberately choose .net or .org to just correctly spell their brand name. Companies Must Learn to Let Go For instance a small time business ‘Tonar’ decides to get itself an online presence; it would most definitely look for domains that spell the title 100% accurate. Unfortunately there isn’t any domain for Tonar.com but they do have is Tonnar.com (available) Tonarr.com (available) Instead of burning resources, Tonar can get 20 of these misspells and even if it gets 10 visits on average then that would mean enhancing traffic by 200 per month and almost 2,400 visits a year.

4. Social-Media Campaigning

If there is one thing to grasp from the phrase “social media campaigns”, it is spreading brand awareness and allowing visitors to engage more frequently, not generate leads! To succeed is to socialize It is a common problem in weak ecommerce websites because their social media campaigns are poorly executed which basically disembowels the whole online sales platform. No sane customer will ever purchase a product from an ecommerce website if it doesn’t even have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Social media absence badly reflects on the brand and even regular visitors can start diminishing. Give Users the Liberty Having a social media presence gives consumers the opportunity to open up and represent themselves freely as product users. Positive reviews are always yummy, but negative reviews can also increase traffic because it allows other visitors to connect and engage as well, hence adding more clicks to the page. Make Your Website Outstand Building a sturdy and approachable community can help Google rank your website to the top. It is because the basic criteria for Google algorithm to detect the website on its radar are strong social signals.

5. Making the best of Tools and Gadgets

Having a good insight about your ecommerce store is also crucial. Which open-source platform have you used to erect your website? It might be Prestashop, VirtueMart, OpenCart or Magento. Making the best of these platforms is important or else your website is as good as a naked mannequin. Gear Up! Using latest extensions for your online store will not only add ranking but also add appeal to it. Extension make purchases easier and facilitate users with extensive options regarding display images, product measurements, store location and shipping etc. A Magento extension ‘Product Attachment’ for instance allows visitors to download and manage content on Magento e-commerce websites. Conclusion! Having a great website content which is of the high quality and includes the videos, images, info-graphics will definitely help generate conversion rates and channels the content for marketing to others who acknowledge it. It is also important to have a strong base of social media followers of targeted audience that will be ready to like as the content you share is of high rich quality. Getting your e-commerce website up to date with the latest gadgets can effectively upgrade traffic. So, taking into consideration these factors will bring lots of traffic to your e-commerce website and hence will help you achieve the overall objective of sales enhancement.