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Product Attachments for Magento 1


With the Magento Product Attachment extension, easily make your files available for download by uploading them on product and CMS pages. Upload various file types including PPT, docs, PDF, MP3, videos, and images, and display them with attractive file icons. Categorize files and showcase them on a dedicated file download page for enhanced organization and accessibility.

  • Attach to Products & CMS Pages.
  • Supports Multiple File Types With Icons.
  • Separate Files Download Page.
  • Restrict By Customer Groups.
  • File (PDF) upload made easy.
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  • Magento product Attachments
  • Magento product Attachments
  • Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments
Magento product Attachments


Supports Multiple File Types

You can upload various file types including Docs, PDF, Excel Sheets, Images, Audio, Videos and many others.

Display of File Icons

Multiple file icons to make your attachments attractive in the interface. For example, a Magento PDF upload will display an Adobe PDF file icon.

Product & CMS Attachments

Files attached to specific products and CMS pages. The admin can also configure the location of the files on the product pages to display them at the top or in the additional information section.

File Download Page

A separate landing page is created that displays all file attachments in categories along with a brief description of each file.

Download Limit and Counter

The counter can be activated in the user interface. It shows the number of downloads by users. Merchants can also set a download limit for each file.

Restriction by Customer Group

Admin can set download permissions for each file and restrict them according to customer groups, such as: B. general, undeclared, wholesale, etc.

Overview Of The Magento Product Attachments Extension

The Magento Product Attachments Extension allows you to upload and manage files of any type on your product and CMS pages. For example, attach PDFs to products to share user manuals, how-to guides, press releases, how-tos, privacy policies, etc. The Magento file download extension also allows you to share important information with users when they need it, without having to wait for an email response from store owners. Each product/CMS page can contain multiple files of different types, which can be restricted by customer groups.

Supported File Types

Following are the supported file types.

By default, our extension supports the following file extensions ('jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'png', 'pdf', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'doc', 'docx', 'zip', 'ppt' , 'pptx', 'flv', 'mp3', 'mp4', 'csv', 'html', 'bmp', 'txt', 'rtf', 'psd', 'dvi'). If you can't upload a certain file type, it's probably not common. Feel free to contact our support team to have it added to the extension's basic functionality.

Create Categories For Files

Organize files and assign to categories.

  • Create categories and organize the files based on those categories instead of giving users a long list of files so they can find what they want.
  • Categories can be assigned to selected store views.

Attach Files To CMS And Product Pages

Attach files to Product's and CMS page's.

  • File uploads can be attached to products and CMS pages broken down by headings.
  • Merchants can specify the location of the file either under the short description of the product or in the additional information tab.

Attachments Can Be Videos

Upload and add using video URL.

  • An attachment can be a powerful video that explains the core features of your product.
  • You can also upload videos, add subtitles and embed the video code so your customers can watch videos about your products.

Dedicated Landing Page For File Attachments

Show all attachments on a dedicated page.

  • Product Attachments comes with a standalone page that hosts all your file uploads.
  • The appendices on this page are divided into categories. You can have as many levels of categories and subcategories as needed.
  • Define meta and URL of this page via admin panel.
  • Supports Magento column layouts.

File Counter And Download Limit

Show counter to indicate number of downloads.

  • A download counter can be activated via the administration configuration. This helps business owners and visitors know the popularity of an attachment or media file.
  • The admin can also limit the number of downloads per attachment.

Customer Group Restriction - Magento File Download Extension

Restrict different customer groups for downloading attachments.

  • File attachments can be restricted by customer groups. For example, if you want specific groups of users to be able to view and download the attachment, this is possible with this module. For example, if you want visitors to have to log in before they can download the file, customer group restrictions make this possible.

Show File Icons

You can enable file icons to represent files on front end.

  • Magento Product Attachments extension supports multiple file icons to make your attachments look attractive on front end.
  • If a file type or an icon is missing feel free to touch base with our support team.

More features

  • Custom headings and descriptions can be added to uploaded files.
  • Support for multiple shops (multi-store) available.

Merchants Benefits

  • The Merchant can promote the products and services better by uploading tutorials and user manuals of its product(s) without affecting conversions.
  • File attachment increases customer loyalty, which leads to better sales.
  • Merchants may restrict file download permissions to registered customers only.
  • This encourages visitors to become registered members of the site in order to download files.

Customer Benefit

  • It helps customers gain a better understanding of the product by allowing them to download the document, image or video with just one click.
  • This essentially eliminates the communication delay that can annoy customers.
  • Magento product file upload/download extension. Simply downloading attachments can answer more than half of customer queries.
  • Customers can browse through categories of files on the dedicated page instead of endlessly searching for a file. This provides convenience and saves customers significant time.

Reviews & Rating (13)


PDF uploads

We are now able to upload pdf directly on the product page without needing any FTP. Just what we needed.



Much Needed for my store

We have a lot of supporting documents which our customers can benefit from once they have purchased our products. Now our customers have the option to unlimited file download by just logging into the site. Its cut our support emails to half. perfect solution



quick solution

got a quick solution by using this extension. was able to make my client very very happy.


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