5 Secret Tips to Create a Conversional Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is the one that a visitor reaches right after clicking a link or a banner advertisement. It can also be said that this is a “moment of truth” because this page is the first encounter of the visitor with the company or the website itself. Thus landing pages play pivotal role in the success of marketing campaigns.

Landing Pages are Conversion Centered

Landing pages are fundamentally Conversion Centered. By this we imply that landing pages are in fact designed to achieve a single central business goal; encourage the visitor on completing a specific action through persuasive designs and psychological triggers. This usually refers to making a purchase on an online store or becoming part of an online community.

Creating a Magento Powered Landing Page

Simple as it may seem, creating a promising landing page, in actual, is a formidable task. Even if the how-to documentation and guides have been pored through, yet the matter seems quite more delicate when it comes to optimizing the landing page, which is certainly not a piece of cake. This is why most people believe in Magento themes to provide their customers with rich shopping experience at their Magento powered online stores.


Follow the AIDA Principle If businesses wish for converting leads into loyal customers then understanding this chain of events is very important.

  • Attention: Design your landing page into a catchy view that instantly grabs visitor’s attention.
  • Interest: Highlight the value you have to offer to the customers to arouse their interest.
  • Desire: Educate customers about the need they are unaware of and induce the idea that you could help them best to satisfy their needs and wants.

Action: This is the main goal of the Landing page, indeed; use the phrases “buy now” “Don’t miss out” to convince the customer to make a purchase.

Avoid Crowd! Use Magento Quickview

Bombarding the visitors with everything you have is a bad idea. Stabbing visitor’s eyes or making him wander on the page in confusion will lessen the chances of attaining your goals. Make a simple and well organized page that interests the visitors, and enhances user experience. Use less but strong dynamic points for your point of interest. Magento Quick view allows customers to avoid unnecessary crowd and quickly view and add a product to cart without opening the product view page.

Don’t Confuse Your Visitors

Aesthetics and layout of a page is a very important matter but sometimes even the most beautifully designed landing pages put customers off. The problem is that overly done embellishments on the pages simply confuse the visitors. Therefore, ensure that the CTA buttons on your landing page assist the visitors than just being used to adorn the site. Products should be grouped in a way that navigation is made easier for the customers. For example Magento stores use Magento extensions like Magento shop by manufacturers and brands extensions. Both these extensions enable customers to search products by manufacturers and brands, respectively.

Friendly Mobile Landing Pages

The fad of smart phones and tablets is growing with every passing day. E-commerce experts must heed on developing more user friendly mobile landing pages so as not to miss the large traffic of mobile visitors. Magento modules for developing effective landing page should be optimized for mobile phones as well, by the Magento developers.

Allow  “Social Happening” with Magento Social Plugins

Sharing the number of social shares, registered members and viewers, and frequency of purchases and downloads would enable you to impress your visitors upon coming back. Employing Magento social plugins to your landing page will allow customers to share your products and brand name on social networks.