Next Step – Followup with Customers

In our everyday life, we follow a simple rule when we are communicating with each other, the ‘Follow up Rule’. Unfortunately, most of us do not follow this rule in our online businesses. The concept behind is very simple, follow up with others to obtain results you are looking for. Daily life communication is not difficult, we can make use of mobile phones, text messages etc. In online business world, where you want to get more customers, it is not that easy. You cannot just pick up the phone and call your customers to inquire about anything related to your business.

Nobody wants to answer frequent sales calls, replying to emails without any fruitful purpose. I would only respond to those inquires for which I need to do follow up. The reason is simple i-e., looking for own benefits. So the entire game revolves around convincing your customers that your messages are beneficial for them. Otherwise they will not bother to hear you. In reality, I have currently nothing to do with any sales offer about a premium app related to anything. I will not bother to entertain any calls or such email.  But if somebody tells me that this premium app comes along with a $10 free gift card then I would not just wait for any offer or sales call, but I will search for the offer myself. So unless, until you offer something valuable to people, you have not given them any reason to listen to you.

Now that you have a group of people who are listening to you, you need to keep following up with them on such offers. One of the biggest mistakes of losing leads is to not following up with them regularly.  Here are the simple follow-up steps to be taken:

Auto responder Checklist

  • When the conversion happens, you need to thank your customers for choosing you instead of your competitors. You need to prove that their decision to choose you was correct. For this reason, show how you are unique? This should be automated and immediate.
  • After 3 to 4 days later, send them a follow up email. Give them a reason to come back at your site in future.
  • After a week, send another reminder with latest deals and offers.

Following up For Abandoned Carts

Following up with customers who left the cart abandoned is the most important thing, you need to identify reasons why they did not complete the order. Was it any technical issue, did they not like your product? Any prices issues etc. It will help you to retain customers as well. The steps are the same.

Finally, are you finding it hard to do all this stuff manually, do not worry, FMEExtension offers an ideal solution for this. Abandoned Carts Customers Followup Magento extension allows you to followup with your customers on regular bases, and automatically. You can send free coupons and other offers in these customer reminder emails, and a link to cart. You can view its DEMO and see how this extension works.