How to Configure Shipment Comments in Magento 2?

How to Configure Shipment Comments in Magento 2?

This article discusses everything there is to know about adding shipping remarks or comments in Magento 2. The purpose of a shipment comment is to help the customer provide additional information related to order delivery. For instance, the customer may prefer to have the product delivered on a specific day, time, or want the order to be handed over to a specific individual only.

If a store has not enabled Magento 2 order comments feature, then the customer cannot provide such information. It can lead to product returns since the order was not delivered because the customer was not available. Therefore, it is important to configure Magento 2 order notes to avoid this situation and ensure that customers receive their orders as per their requirements.

Benefits or Setting Up Magento 2 Order Comments Feature

Customer Loyalty

This feature allows the customer to determine when, where, and how to receive the product. This can go a long way in fostering customer loyalty as they recognise that the brand is trying everything possible to make things more streamlined.

No Product Returns

By ensuring that the product is delivered exactly as the customer requires it to be, there’s reduced risk of a product return.


Certain customers may require extra help with order delivery. For example, a handicapped person may find it challenging to pick up a parcel from the apartment lobby. By allowing them to add special instructions in the shipping remarks, you can ensure greater accessibility.

Steps To Configure Shipment Comments in Magento 2

Follow the steps below to configure shipment comments in Magento 2.

  • Login to Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration
  • Scroll down and select Sales Emails and Under Sales
  • Expand the Shipment Comments section
configure shipment comments in magento 2

Now, you can configure the following options.

Enabled: By default, it is set to ‘Yes’ which means that the shipment comment email will be sent to customers after they have placed the order.

Shipment Comment Email Sender: Select the person from whom you want to send the email.

Shipment Comment Email Template: Choose the email template based on your requirements.

Shipment Comment Email Template for Guests: Select the email template for customers who have not created an account on your store.

Send Shipment Comment Email Copy To: Enter comma separated email addresses to whom you want to send a copy of the shipment comment email.

Send Shipment Comments Email Copy Method: Select either Bcc (Blind carbon copy) or separate email copy. This will send either a copy of the email or a separate email.

Click Save Config.

Final Thoughts on Magento 2 Order Comment

This concludes our article on how to set up shipping remarks in Magento 2. As you can see, the process is quite straightforward. However, if you require help or have any queries related to Magento 2, we will be happy to help.

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