Magento 2How To GuideSeptember 1, 2021

How to Auto Select the Cheapest Child Product of a Configurable Product?

How to Auto Select the Cheapest Child Product of a Configurable Product?

A configurable product is one that provides your customers with a variety of options to choose from. A T-shirt, for example, has small, medium, and large size variations. It may also offer options with respect to the material and color. Each option is a separate simple product. There is no selection by default and customers have to choose a variation or combination of variations according to their preferences to add the product to cart.

Why Auto-Select the Cheapest Choice of a Configurable Product?

Prices may vary according to the size and material you choose. Customers usually want the lowest price with a popular combination of variations. Pre-selecting the cheapest choice not only enhances user experience but also increases sales. It allows customers to add the cheapest child product to cart in a single click.

How to Pre-select the Cheapest Option of a Configurable Product?

In our last blog post, we saw how to pre-select the first child product of a configurable product using our Magento 2 preselect configurable product extension. You can use the same extension to preselect the cheapest option too as it allows you to preselect any of the following four options by default.
  • The first option
  • The default option
  • The cheapest option
  • The most expensive option
Let’s see how to put it to work. After installing the extension, log in to your admin panel.
  • On the left sidebar, click FME Extensions -> Configuration.
  • Choose the Cheapest Option Preselect option in the Choose Option of Your Choice dropdown.
  • Click Save Config and Clear the cache.
magento 2 preselect cheapest product of a configurable product That’s how easy it is. The cheapest option of all configurable products will now highlight on page load.