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Order Attributesfor Magento 1


Magento Order Attributes Extension enables you to add custom fields on checkout and registration pages. You can add Text Field, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Radio Button. Assign fields to specific products and categories. You can also set the position of fields, select checkout step, validation, and much more. Checkout our Magento 2 Order Attributes extension.

  • Add Fields on Checkout & Registration
  • Multiple field types & validation
  • Show fields on Invoice emails & PDF
  • Add fields for specific products
  • Add fields for specific categories
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    Registration & Account Pages

    Display additional attributes on customers account page & registration page. Logged incustomers can view / edit the data entered anytime.

    Select Checkout Step

    Add the new Magento checkout fields to any of the checkout steps; including billing, shipping, payment or order review. You can also position them in top, middle or bottom.

    Restrict by customer groups

    Custom checkout attributes can be restricted to specific customer groups targeted towards a specific targeted audience.

    Specify Product & Category

    Assign additional attributes to specific products and categories. These attributes will only be visible on checkout when you have that particular product or a product from that specific category in cart.

    9 Types of Fields

    Able to add an additional attribute from a variety of field types including Text field, text area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button and Text Display.

    Show in Emails/ Invoice PDFs

    Magento custom checkout fields extension provides option to display new checkout attributes on emails and PDFs used for invoicing and shipping.

    Display Fields on Registration & Account Pages

    Add custom fields on customer account and registration page

    Customer Account

    Select the visibility of fields on customer My Account section. It doesn’t require setting up fields separately for user accounts.

    Registration Page

    You can select to have the checkout attributes be visible on the registration page as well. This module offers a drop down option at the backend for this purpose.

    Display Additional Fields on Checkout Page

    Serving customer with more options on the checkout page is easy with this Magento add attribute to order extension.

    Select Checkout Step

    A multi-page checkout system comprises various steps like billing, shipping, payment and reviewing the order. You can select any of the checkout steps for adding the additional fields.

    Field Placement

    On the checkout page, the field can either be placed at the top, middle or bottom of the particular step. Select from the drop-down menu and it’s done.

    Fields Position / Order

    If you intend to have multiple fields, there is an optional field “position” which can be used to position the extra fields accordingly on the checkout page.

    Product & Category Specific Order Attributes

    The attributes relating to a specific product or category can be added with easy options provided with Magento add field to order extension. The custom fields will only be displayed when the customer has the particular product in the cart.

    Add to specific Products

    A product or a set of products can be selected for specific attributes. For instance; mugs, shirts and stationery items can be selected for printing a personalized message (an attribute).

    Add to specific Categories

    An attribute can be added to categories rather than selecting products one by one. Adding checkout attributes to categories is simple and fast.

    Restrict by Customer Groups

    The attributes can be restricted to a group of customers including wholesalers, VIP customers or any community you create.

    9 Types of Fields

    Magento add field to checkout allow you to select from an exclusive variety of field types that includes;


    Text Field

    Text Area


    Yes / No


    Radio Button

    Multi Seelct

    Message Display

    Show in Emails / Invoice PDFs

    The fields / attributes can be made visible for correspondence emails with this Magento add custom attribute to order extension

    Add To Invoice Email

    The attributes can be added to invoice emails as well, so that a customer knows what they have opted in checking out for an order.

    Add To Invoice PDF

    The fields / attributes can be made visible for correspondence emails with this Magento add custom attribute to order extension

    Add To Shipping PDF

    The fields / attributes can be made visible for correspondence emails with this Magento add custom attribute to order extension

    More Features

    • Automatic Input Validation
    • Make Optional or Mandatory
    • Specify sorting order when multiple fields are added in one checkout steps
    • Give a unique label/title for each field
    • Create unlimited options for Multi select and drop down

    Merchant Benefit

    With Magento checkout Fields extension, you can optimize the checkout system with more fields and attributes. The store owners, who want additional information on checkout and registration can attach custom fields in general or for specific products and categories will find this extension useful in catering to the customer needs.

    • The changing trends and technological shifts make it difficult to track the needs of the customers hence adding new Magento custom fields to checkout pages gives you a head start in the altering flow of trends
    • The extra information can be valuable for advertising of new products and services during campaigns.
    • The extra information helps analyze the changing in customer behavior. The next time customer returns to the store the merchant will be more prepared to offer products in appealing strategies and attractive packages than before.

    Customer Benefit

    Customer Benefits
    The customers are made aware of the additional attributes for a product or category. They enjoy the freedom of checking out with lots of variations, additional services and features through the Magento checkout fields.

    • While making orders on sophisticated products such as handmade crafts, customers can add their preferences and ideals in the checkout page to ensure the product they have purchased will fulfill their needs perfectly.
    • With Magento Add custom attribute to order extension the customers can provide all the required information on checkout page to process order. They will not have to involve in the endless process of inquiries and exchanging emails with the merchant for processing order.
    • Customers get more engaged with the checkout when they asked to make suggestions and demands regarding products. It creates a sense of appreciation in customers and invites them to shop again from your store.

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    Fantastic Support

    We had a small problem with the extension but having purchased over 6 years ago and being on an old version of Magento, we weren't expecting much. However the support guys got straight onto it and everything was fixed within 30mins of us supplying login details. Thoroughly impressed and only wish everyone we deal with offered such good support.



    Excellent product, really excellent and support is excellent for real!

    Excellent product, really excellent and support is excellent for real!



    A valuable extension

    A good extension to add custom order attributes to checkout page. Installed and it works.


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