Refer a Friend Magento extension allows you to market your products through affiliates by offering them discounts and bonuses. It helps you spread the word by facilitating customers to invite more customers to purchase products from your store. You can create rules and customize their discount features, manage referral discounts and transactions from the backend and enable e-mail and social sharing through customer accounts. FME Magento Refer a Friend is also featured on the official Magento marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Make Your Customers Affiliates & Refer Friends
    • Reward Referrals In Percentage / Fix Amount
    • Manage Referral Discounts & Transactions
    • Reward On Signup, no of items Purchase
    • Invite Via Email or By Social Sharing Buttons

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  • Free Lifetime Support

    Free Lifetime Support

  • 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

    Free Lifetime Upgrades

  • Meet Magento Standards

    Meet Magento Standards

  • 100% Open Source

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  • 2 minutes Installation

    2 minutes Installation


Powerful Features of Refer a Friend Magento Extension

  • Create Multiple Referral Rules

    You can create multiple rules with different rule types to suit your preferences

  • Manage Discounts

    Discounts panel show customers with their discount amounts. You can edit their discounts and add comments

  • Manage Transactions

    Manage transactions sections shows all the customers with their remaining balances

  • Referral Statistics

    You can view the referral statistics at the backend to see the progress of your affiliates

  • Email & Social Sharing

    Customers can paste the link provided at my accounts section or share it on social media sites

  • Reward Referral & Referrer

    You can choose to reward the customer who posted the link and the new customer as well

Create rules to offer different incentives

Magento refer a friend extension allows you to create different referral rules with customized options such as maximum discount amount, starting date, rule priorities and referral targets.

  • Reward On Signup or Sale

    Set reward for the customer when its referral registers to your store

  • Set Discount

    Select the type of discount and the amount of discount offered to the customer

  • Enter Rule Start Date

    You can set a specific date from the calendar for the rule to start

  • Set Target For Discount

    Enter the targeted number of referrals that you want to assign for the customers

  • Set Rule Priorities

    Rule Priority allows you to give preference to specific rules over others through numbers such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

  • Restrict By Store View

    This feature allows you to set rules to your different regional stores

Referral Dashboard - Customer Account

Referral Dashboard in Magento tell a friend extension shows all the necessary details in My Account section such as discount amounts, referral link and social sharing buttons

  • Display Referred Friends

    Customers can view all the invitations they have sent the users through emails, link posting and social sharing

  • Active Balance & Discount

    Active balance shows the amount availed by the customer for checkouts and the % Discount acquired through referrals

  • Referral Link

    A Broadcast link is shown on My Account section so the customers can copy it and paste it on emails, blogs, forums and chat logs

  • Email Invitation Form

    The email invitation form helps customers to reach out to their friends and send referral links.

  • Social Sharing Buttons

    Social sharing buttons allow customers to instantly share the referral link through their social media accounts

Manage Discounts & Transactions

You can add new discounts, edit old ones and assign them to specific customers. Transactions panel shows you the available balance of the customers who availed discounts.

  • Manage Referral Discounts

    In the Manage Discounts section you can view you affiliates with their discount amounts. You can click on the user and edit the discount amount in percentage and write any comment to the customer. The discount details will appear against the customer name and other information when the editing is done.

  • Manage Referral Transactions

    In this section, you can manage every transaction made by your customer manually. You can create specific discount for any of the customers’ transaction or add multiple discounts for them. Create the discount by clicking on the Add New button. 

Referral Statistics in Refer a Friend Magento Extension

To view the ongoing progress regarding your affiliates you can open referral statistics from the back end.

  • Referral statistics give a smart edge to your Magento referral system. It allows you to view summarized analysis about the total number of referrals made by your existing customers and how much discount they have availed. This statistical insight gives you a better understanding of your marketing campaign.

Configuration Options

From this section you can configure the general settings, referral settings and email settings of the extension

  • General Settings

    General settings allow you to completely disable this extension and make certain changes in its features. You can set the maximum discount percentage, the minimum cart total for the discount to become valid and the maximum amount of balance the customer can use.

  • Referral Settings

    You can enable discounts for referrals only after sign up, change discount type as percentage or fixed, and enter the amount of the bonus you wish to offer.

  • Email Settings

    Email configuration helps you to enable the invitation section on customer’s My Account page and set the email sender as General Contact, Customer Support, Sales Representative or custom email

Merchant Benefits

  • It is a carefree means of marketing your products through an infinite loop of referrals on the internet. Customers can send emails, post links and share it on social media platforms to spreads the word.
  • The customer panel helps you view the statistics and information about discounts that have been earned by the customers. You can view the details from Manage Discounts and Manage Transaction panel from the back end.
  • By creating referral rules you can completely automate the process as the extension itself looks after the users and validates their referrals and makes them eligible for discounts. You can manually award discounts and bonuses as well.

Customer Benefits

  • Refer a Friend extension from FME is the perfect tool for customers to acquire discounts and bonuses on online stores by sending or posting referral links. It not only helps customers get products on lower prices but also informs other users to benefit from it.
  • Customer can easily track their progress from their account. This extension promotes transparency as they can immediately view the results from their referrals at My Account section.
  • Social sharing widgets on My Account section give ease of use to customers while sharing links on their social media accounts. Social media buttons include Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linked in.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • A Must Have!

    quote An excellent tool to increase your customer base. We saw a prominent increase in customers registering with us and thus an increase in sales. An excellent way to get the work out. quote

    Read more
    by: Raymon on 5/13/2014
  • Nice Extension and faster support

    quote Its really a nice extension, its working, what they have described, developer support is very good.
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: Delphin_sam on 5/2/2014
  • saving me money

    quote Getting new memebers to register on our site has never been easier. Customer base has grown exponentially as almost ever new member refers a friend due to the discount offer. I now have to spend less on google adds. quote

    Read more
    by: charles on 4/13/2014
  • increased revenue

    quote Works! Its simple and makes sense. quote

    Read more
    by: john on 3/6/2014

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