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Help Desk Professionalfor Magento 1


Magento Help Desk extension allows your customers to post tickets regarding your products through a comprehensive ticketing system. It allows you to create departments, use 5 types of templates with auto responding tools, change priorities and view ticket statistics from the back end. You can customize settings for frontend and enable alerts to remain notified each time a ticket is generated. Manage your support, sales and customers care department with FME Magento ticket sytem. Magento Help Desk extension is proudly listed on Magento Marketplace.

  • Advance Tickets Management System for Magento.
  • Manage Ticket Status, Replies & Priorities.
  • Create Multiple Departments & View Ticket Stats.
  • Draft Multiple Email Templates & Premade Replies.
  • Send Auto Replies, Ticket Alerts & Notifications Emails.
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post reply
post reply
post ticket
post ticket
ticket deapartment
ticket deapartment
ticket details
ticket details
ticket notes
ticket notes
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ticket premade
ticket priorities
ticket priorities
ticket stats
ticket stats
ticket status
ticket status
ticket templates details
ticket templates details
ticket templates
ticket templates


Manage Tickets

You can view tickets posted by customers and change their settings

Create Departments

Create Departments for specific tickets and assign auto replies to them

Draft Multiple Email Templates

You can draft up to 5 different types of email templates for auto-response

Notification Emails

You can create templates to send notification emails to customers and staff

Tickets Management Statistics

Ticket management statistics allows you to view the number of tickets sent to which department

Auto Replies

Create and Enable/Disable auto replies for specific actions

Easy Ticket Generation Form For Customers

Ticket generation form in Magento customer service extension allows customers to easily enter their details in text fields and select drop downs.

Ticket Heading & Description

Customers can add the title and description of the ticket in the text fields

Upload File

Enable/Disable file upload feature for customers. You can limit file size and the file formats as well.

Choose Department & Priority

You can select department priority as High, Medium or Low

Settings For News Block

This section allows you to view tickets and their details from manage tickets section

Ticket Info

Ticket info shows you all the details entered by the client such as issue date, status, departments, priority and message history

Message History

Message history is presented in the middle with dates in accordion style. You can view the messages and replies by clicking on dates.

Ticket Priority

You can set ticket priority from configuration options as High, Medium or Low. The ticket produced by the client is automatically be sent to the default section.

Ticket Status

Ticket status is displayed first on the form. it confirms if the ticket is new, pending, waiting for client response or spam

Send Reply

You can send reply message to the customer by entering custom message or using premade reply for it.

Download File

Files uploaded by the customers through the ticket form such as images and documents can be downloaded from ticket manger section.

Manage Departments in Magento Customer Service Extension

Creating departments allows you to channel the type of tickets to the correct staff members

Create Multiple Departments

Create as many departments as you want

Department Signature

Writing department signatures give good impression to clients

Department Email Address

Assign email addresses to departments

Related Tickets

View all the related tickets from the respective department

Manage Email Templates & Premade Replies

This feature gives you the ability to preemptively prepare email templates for auto response to clients and staff

Create Multiple Templates as Auto Response Emails For

  • Notification to user for successfully creating new ticket
  •  New Message notification to user
  •  Close Ticket notification to User
  •  New ticket alert to respective Staff / Department
  •  Notification to staff / department on New Message posted by user on ticket

Create Multiple Premade Replies

You can create and save unlimited premade replies. This allows you to attach these replies directly when a customer posts a ticket from the ticket manager section

Configuration Options

You can customize settings from configuration options such as ticket priority, default department, status, default email and auto response.

General Settings

Select Yes/No to Show/ Hide ticket priority and department on frontend. Set ticket priority and status with default email templates. This section also allows you to enable file upload and set file size limit and formats. You can select option for customers to post messages as well.

Alerts & Notifications

Configure notification settings for new tickets and new messages. You can also enter the default title for alerts, email address for alerts and email address for carbon copy.

Auto Response

Edit auto response settings by enabling auto response for new ticket, new message and when ticket is closed.

Merchant Benefits

  • It is a comprehensive extension that covers all functions and features required to manage online tickets for clients. It creates an easy to use support desk for providing immediate response to customers.
  • You can track all the activity from the back end and centrally manage tickets through departments, priorities and messages.
  • It automatically saves all your data and the customer’s through one channel. It facilitates fast and hassle free response system that prevents loss of emails that creates communication barrier.

Customer Benefits

  • Help Desk extension from FME allows customers to post unlimited tickets regarding any issue face by them. It creates a bridge of communication between the merchant with fast and time efficient response
  • Customers can upload files while posting the ticket. This allows them to tell their issue more elaborately regarding your products and services.
  • Automated email notifications keep customers informed and assures them that their ticket has been posted. Customers can view their ticket status and priority from my account section and send messages to the respective department.

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Support made easy

I was asked to submit a review after i bought the extension and i must say that i can manage support in one place rather than replying to emails. Glad i got the extension.


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