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FAQs + Product Questions (Ask) for Magento 1


The Magento Product Questions extension allows you to create a dedicated FAQs page and a product questions tab on each product page. A "Ask a Question" form with Captcha verification is added to enable quick product inquiries on every product page. Advanced features include FAQs rating, like/unlike options, replies, sorting capabilities, and a selection of five themes for the FAQs page. Standalone FAQs can also be categorized and displayed in an accordion style for enhanced organization and user experience.

  • Add Product Questions Tab for Products
  • Separate FAQs Page with Categories
  • Ask a Question On Product & FAQs Page
  • FAQs Block To Display FAQs on CMS pages
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  • Product Reviews
  • FAQS
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    Product FAQs Tab

    A product tab for frequently asked questions is shown on every product page to post FAQs related to that particular product only.

    Separate FAQs Page

    A separate FAQs page is created to accommodate general FAQs related to shipping, payment, pricing, etc. posted under different categories

    Ask a Question Button

    Captcha enabled “Ask a Question” form is included on each product and dedicated FAQs page for quick inquiries.

    FAQ Block

    The Block containing search bar & selected topics of FAQs set by the admin can be displayed anywhere on the website.

    Accordion style & 5 Themes

    The FAQs are displayed in accordion style to make them look attractive on your web pages. 5 Themes options are available for admin to select for FAQ page.

    FAQ Rating, Like & Reply

    Customers can rate, like and reply on the questions posted by other customers.

    Achieve Impressive Conversions Rate with Magento Product FAQs

    Each Product can have specific Questions / Answers section assigned to it in the FAQ tab. Admin can make changes and add, edit or delete entries anytime. It allows customers to remain on the website instead of being misled on other pages. Checkout our advance Magento 2 Product questions.

    Tab Heading

    The site admin can create personalized product FAQ tab heading through customization options from the back office.

     Accordion style

    While creating FAQs you can choose the style and appearance of the form on how it should appear on frontend like for example you can use Magento FAQ Accordion style

    Dedicated FAQ Page

    Magento Product Question extension also creates a separate page to accommodate FAQs which are not related to specific products like shipping, payment and other general FAQs

    Multiple Themes

    The admin can select from 5 unique themes for the main page of all the FAQs.


    The FAQs can be divided in to specific topics and categories for direct navigation

    FAQ Search

    Search box can be enabled from the back end in search block to look for particular questions

    Order / Position

    The admin can select the order of the questions depending on rankings and position them accordingly

    Add Read more Link

    Manage Short/long description by adding “ Read More “ link in FAQs

    Let Customer Ask a Question

    Magento Ask a Question extension enables customers to ask questions from products and FAQs page.

    Slide or Popup Display

    Admin can configure inquiry form to be opened in a sliding manner or in a popup
     Captcha enabled
    The”ask a question” form can be attached with captcha verification to improve security.
     Allowed Customers
    Configure whether only registered customers can make an inquiry or anyone is allowed

    Captcha enabled

    The”ask a question” form can be attached with captcha verification to improve security.

    Allowed Customers

    Configure whether only registered customers can make an inquiry or anyone is allowed

    Email Notifications

    Get email alert when a customer post a question as well as well send email alert to customer when merchant replies to that question

    Email To Moderator

    Email notification for moderators to when a new question is asked by customer. The moderator can review question and approve it with suitable reply from backend.

    Email To client

    Email notifications for the client can be enabled/disabled from the back end. When a reply is made to customer inquiry, notification email is sent to the client once the feature is enabled.

     Edit Email Subject

    Email subject can be customized with personalized content before sending notification to the client and moderator.

    Select Email Template

    Only one default email notification templates is added in Magento Product Questions Extension.

    FAQs Rating, Like, Unlike & Reply

    Get the information from customers whether the solution / answer provided for questions is helpful for the customers or not. Merchants can improve low ratings of FAQs as well.


    Admin can manage permissions for ratings. Topics and questions can be sorted by the highest rated ones.


    Customers can like and unlike questions. When a question is liked, notification is simultaneity sent to the admin

    FAQ Reply

    Site admin can post answers in reply on the page for Customers can also reply to any question in which case a thread is maintained

    FAQs Block

    Show FAQs throughout the website using FAQs block feature

    • Magento Block for frequently asked questions can be placed anywhere on your website
    • Magento search for FAQs is supported
    • Define maximum FAQ limit for a block

    Other Features

    Here are some other features of FAQ + Product Questions Magento Extension

    • Ask a Question link is placed at a very convenient location that is just besides the product.
    • Each FAQ Topic has its own page, hence has its own configuration panel such as Meta information, URL identifier etc.
    • Display FAQ topic on the landing page or only in FAQ block
    • Add any question/topic to any product page or on FAQ landing page
    • Customers can ask quick questions from product pages
    • Set default topic/question when a visitor lands on FAQ page
    • Multi- style inquiry form
    • Advance SEO features embedded
    • Limit number of FAQs on landing/product page
    • Manage admin approval for publishing customers’ comments

    Merchant Benefits

    Here are the reasons why this extension is beneficial for merchants

    • By providing better understanding about products to customers, more sales are triggered with reduced bounce rate and greater customer retention.
    • With advance SEO settings for FAQs and product questions, your website receives more traffic from search engines and other channels.
    • You can post custom questions to provide exposure for specific product in order to invite customers into buying them.

    Customer Benefits

    Here are the reasons why this extension is beneficial for customers

    • With more detailed insight on the each product, customers get acquainted with the product they wish to desire faster
    • Email notifications are sent to customers to keep them informed about the replies on their questions.
    • FAQ + Product question extension provides advance search feature to let customers easily find the information they are looking for.

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    Developer Recommended

    We are still on Magento 1 and probably will be for a while. This is a good functionality to add to our magento shop. Code is clean and support responsive.



    Great thank you!

    works fine here on website -

    Okan sarsurluoglu


    Amazing Support!!

    The extension works exactly has it is described and when you need custom work done it is a great price for hourly work. Also the amount of support i got was brilliant. Quick, friendly and they give you as much detail as you want. Would Recommend this extension to anyone. -- Source: Magento Connect

    Mrallen302 : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1

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