Abandoned Cart Reminder (1.4.1)

Inform your clients about their pending checkouts through email with Magento Abandoned Cart Email Reminder extension. Configure the extension to send out an automated email to the customer (with discount coupons) reminding them about the pending order. You can restrict the number of reminder emails being sent to the client, set payment options, use fixed or percentage discount and show link to checkout page. FME Magento Abandoned Cart is proudly listed on Magento Marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Send Automatic Abandoned Cart Reminders
    • Add Discount In Fix / Percentage & Manage Coupons
    • Track Conversion Rate with Reminder Stats
    • Limit No. Of Email Reminders & Payment Gateways
    • Manage Unsubscribed Clients & Mute Cart

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Powerful Features of Magento Abandoned Cart Extension

  • Flexible Reminder Email Settings

    Magento Cart Abandonment extension has simple and effective email settings for customization

  • Add Discount In Fix / Percentage

    You can offer customers fix amount or percentage of the product price as discount in reminder emails

  • Manage Unsubscribed Customers

    You can view the list of unsubscribed customers and manage them

  • Manage Mute Carts

    This feature allows you to stop sending reminder emails after a certain number of emails have been sent. You can manage these muted carts in grid.

  • Manage Discount Coupons

    A coupon is automatically generated each time a customer abandons cart. You can delete this coupon and set at which email the coupon is attached

  • Cart Reminder Statistics

    This section shows you the overall performance of your reminder emails and lost sales that have been recovered

Abandoned Cart Magento Extension Is a Must Have Tool

This extension helps your business increase its revenue by recovering hanging sales

  • Recover Lost Sales

    Customers often abandon carts due to high prices, difficult checkout or even disconnected internet. Sending reminder emails to cart abandoners encourages customers to complete the checkout so you can retrieve lost sales

  • Increases Revenue

    Abandoned Carts Magento module is a great tool for boosting your business revenues. Sending email reminders to cart abandoners helps you to seal the leakages in sales and enhance the average sales rate

Magento Abandoned Cart Email Options

Configuration settings allow you to supervise the reminder process with custom options for time, notifications and email subject

  • Select E-mail Sender
  • Set Time for Reminder email
  • Select the Payment methods to show abandoned carts
  • Enable/disable Notification For Admin
  • Customize Subject For Abandoned Cart Email
  • Select Default E-mail Template For Customers

Manage Discount & Coupon Codes

By offering discounts through coupon codes you can lure customers to complete their checkouts

  • Discount Settings

    • Enable / Disable Discounts
    • Set Minimum abandoned cart order amount to send discount
    • You can decide on which reminder email you wish to attach the coupon
    • Discount type can be fix or percentage of cart amount
    • Enter discount coupon validity in days
  • Manage Coupon Codes:

    A coupon code will automatically generate for each customer when he/she leaves the checkout incomplete. These coupons are displayed on the grid and you can delete them anytime you want.

Manage Mute Carts & Unsubscribed Customers

Resend follow up emails and view the list of unsubscribed customers to take action

  • Mute Carts

    You can stop the process of emails when a selected number of reminder emails have been sent to the cart abandoner. After that the entry is moved to the muted section. You can un-mute these entries and they will be automatically moved to the reminders email queue.

  • Unsubscribed Customers

    This section shows customers who have unsubscribed from the follow up emails with the number of times the email has been sent to them. This allows you to selectively retarget the product to these specific customers.

Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Statistics

This section allows you to configure abandoned cart settings and select the desired action.

  • Abandoned Carts Grid

    You can view all the abandoned cart entries issued to the customers with the cart items and price from this grid. This allows you to select carts and resend reminders or mute them.

  • Cart Reminder Statistics

    Cart reminder statistics show you the progress made through reminder emails such as overall price, total emails send to customers, the number of customers who were sent mails, and the completed carts.

More Features

  • Abandoned Cart Email includes a link to restore cart
  • Set no. of reminder emails to mute carts
  • Supports Multiple Stores
  • Select Payment methods to show for abandoned carts

Tips To Get Maximum Response On Reminder Emails

  • It is recommended that you use a simple and clear subject line. This grabs maximum attention as the customer acknowledges the reason why this product is being retargeted.
  • When you send customers follow-ups, it’s better to use some other useful details besides the email address. This can be a favorite color, price range or other preferences in the customer’s account. Be personal to get results.
  • Use marketing elements in your email. Make the best out of product images and express how important it is for the customer to buy it as by mentioning the scarcity in the stock.
  • If the customer has abandoned cart due to out of stock item, you can always recommend similar products in the email. This helps you retarget other items from your store and recover sales.
  • The return policy of your store is what ensures the client’s reservation regarding the safe purchase of the item. Add its important clauses in the email if not all of it.
  • You should never trifle the customer by hiding the delivery charges. Make these charges transparent and mention them with exclusive discounts. This is often the reason that leads to initial cart abandonment.
  • To shine some light on the product you can include customer feedback and reviews regarding the abandoned item. This motivates the customer to purchase the product.
  • You can add a short description of the product in the mail with its exclusive features. Customers are often deflected with the looks of the product without going into the specifications. It is important that the description must be short and not misleading.
  • Do not flood with reminders. Send a small number of emails at first to see the response or else you might sever the connection completely.
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  • Good for remarketing

    quote Nice extension for re-marketing, tracking cart entries & generating discount coupons feature is awesome. Support team helped me a lot in installing the extension. quote

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    by: Neil on 11/13/2015

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