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Xero Integration for Magento 2


Streamline your inventory and sales records by synchronizing all the invoices, credit memos, items, and contacts between your store and Xero software with Magento 2 Xero Integration extension. It helps you connect your Magento store to Xero Application to match the records, and avoid making errors and discrepancies.

  • Connect Xero to Magento with a few clicks.
  • Sync contacts between Xero and your online store.
  • Match product items or inventory automatically.
  • Avoid duplicating invoices and credit memos.
  • Set the data to sync immediately after a change, or
  • Schedule it with a Cron job.
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Magento 2 Xero Integration
Magento 2 Xero Integration
Integrate Xero With Magento 2
Integrate Xero With Magento 2
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Xero Magento 2 Extension
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Xero and Magento 2
Magento 2 Xero Extension
Magento 2 Xero Extension
Xero Magento 2
Xero Magento 2


Easy to Connect Magento and Xero

The extension facilitates connecting your online store to Xero account with ease. This makes managing business records and accounts easier.

Avoid Mistakes in Invoices and Records

By updating items, invoices & credit memos across your website & Xero, you can eliminate the risk of committing mistakes.

Update Data Automatically

Set your items, contacts and invoices to update immediately after a change or keep on updating with a time-lapse. Stop doing it manually.


Configure Xero into Your Magento Store – Simple and Fast

Avail the ease of pulling data between Xero Software and your Magento-based online store. The extension helps you integrate the application straight into the dashboard of your online store. Provide the following details for configuration:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret Key
  • Upload a file for the private key and connect

Tune Contacts Between Xero and Your Store

Managing a different list of contacts in your Xero account and matching them with your online store record is a painstaking job. Keep them synced across the website and the software with the Magento Xero Integration extension.

Update Product Items Across Xero and Website

Magento Xero integration extension helps you automates cross-matching and updating the products to remove the difference of inventory levels between Xero and your store records.

Avoid Duplicating Invoices and Credit Memos

You can also sync invoices and credit memos to prevent the creation of duplicate records and ensure the accuracy of your business records.

Sync the Data Immediately After a Change

You can choose the data to synchronize immediately after a sale, purchase or any other change either in Xero or website records. Configure sync settings separately for items, contacts, invoices and credit memos.

Schedule Data Sync with a Cron Job

You can automate data syncing with a cron job that updates the records of both (the point of sale application and website). The Cron job keeps on updating the data after a duration you specify e.g. 5 or 10 minutes.

Syncing Data Manually

The Xero integration extension comes with the option to sync data manually from the information in the sales section. Sync all the data manually from the Actions dropdown or Xero tab on data specific pages.

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Always available for help

The extension has made my life easier. I have to appreciate the support team. They are always available and respond instantly when there is an issue.



Excellent Extension & Support

A powerful extension to synchronize Magento data with Xero accounting software. Thanks to the support team for a quick solution.


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