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Edit Order for Magento 2


Magento 2 Edit Order Extension empowers you to edit order details without affecting their status. Instead of canceling an order, bypass the default Magento limitations and edit their details.

  • Edit any detail of the customer's orders
  • Modify customer, shipping, payment data
  • Modify ordered items and their quantities
  • Return order items to stock upon removal
  • Delete previous invoices and/or create new ones
  • Recalculate shipping charges after order edits
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  • Edit Order & Account Information
  • Edit Shipping & Billing Address
  • Change Order Payment Method
  • Add/Remove Order Items
  • Add to Stock Upon Removal
  • Recalculate Shipping Charges
  • Replace Invoices
  • New Invoice
Edit Order & Account Information
Edit Order & Account Information
Edit Shipping & Billing Address
Edit Shipping & Billing Address
Change Order Payment Method
Change Order Payment Method
Add/Remove Order Items
Add/Remove Order Items
Add to Stock Upon Removal
Add to Stock Upon Removal
Recalculate Shipping Charges
Recalculate Shipping Charges
Replace Invoices
Replace Invoices
New Invoice
New Invoice


Easy to Manage Orders

The extension grants you the authority of editing customer's data and their order details to better manage consignments of your online store.

Reduce Order Cancellations

By making changes to the orders in real-time, you prevent order cancellations. Save customers' time by stopping them from revoking because of minor errors.

Ensure the Accuracy of Data

In addition to the order details, you can make changes to the customer accounts to rectify any mistakes they made during registration.


Edit Any Detail of the Customer's Orders

The tool gives you the privilege of modifying customers’ orders to remove possible errors and rectify their mistakes. This allows order editing without canceling it. You can edit:

  • Order details e.g. date and status
  • User account information
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Payment and shipping method
  • Items ordered

Remove or Reduce Items from an Order

You can alter the number of items of an order according to the product availability and customer request. Reduce the number of items or remove them altogether from an order.

Replace Previous Invoices with New Ones

Magento 2 order edit extension also allows you to keep or delete the order invoices before editing. You can configure the extension to:

  • Delete invoices, shipment, credit memos to create new
  • Create new invoices/shipments
  • Do not touch (No effect)

Add Items to Stock Upon Removal

To make sure your stock remains consolidated and not affected by the order changes, you can automate adding up the ordered items back to the stock if they are removed while modifying the orders. This helps to quickly update the product stock.

Re-calculate Shipping Charges

Shipping charges may go up or down depending upon the shipping address or the number of items in an order. Our Magento 2 order editor recalculates the shipping charges automatically for the orders after you change their shipping address or the number of items. This ensures that the shipping charges are just and in line with the store’s policy.

3) Upload from Product & CMS Page (Basic Method)

This is the standard method in which you can upload files and restrict their access to specific customer groups from product edit sheet.


The extension allows you to edit any order detail without canceling the order or affecting its status in the following 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Login to Magento 2 Admin Panel

Install Magento 2 edit order extension by FME. Once done, login to admin panel and navigate to FMEEXTENSIONS -> Configuration.

Step 2: Find the Order You Want to Edit

On the left panel, click ‘Sales' -> Orders and navigate to the order you want to edit.

Step 3: Edit Any Order Detail

You will see the 'Edit' option against every order & account information i.e. billing & shipping addresses, methods, items ordered, customer details, etc. Use this option to edit the information you want.

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My 2nd extension from FME

This is the 2nd extension I bought from FME and it too works great. The support team was quick to respond when I posted a query.



Works Fine

The extension works fine. You can always expect a prompt response from the support team in case of any issue. They are professional with good work ethics.



Bugs free

No bugs, standard coding. Recommended.

Ted W

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