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Lookbook for Magento 2


Attract customers to buy complementary products to the one they originally want. The Magento 2 lookbook extension allows you to create looks from a group of complementary products in your store and add markers to show individual products. Customers can add all the products to cart in one click.

  • Create unlimited Lookbooks.
  • Highlight individual products with markers.
  • Sell Lookbooks on a fixed or percentage discount.
  • Customize discount text.
  • Design discount label.
  • Limit discounts to specific customer groups.
  • Add & customize the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Set Lookbooks display order.
  • Display in standard or slider format.
  • Add widget on any CMS page.
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  • Related Products
  • Lookbook Product
  • Create Unlimited Lookbooks
  • Lookbook Configuration
  • Add Markets to Indicate Individual items
  • Customize Add to Cart Text
  • Add Lookbook Widget to CMS Page
  • Select Lookbook to Display in Widget
  • Configure Widget Options
Lookbook Product
Lookbook Product
Create Unlimited Lookbooks
Create Unlimited Lookbooks
Lookbook Configuration
Lookbook Configuration
Add Markets to Indicate Individual items
Add Markets to Indicate Individual items
Customize Add to Cart Text
Customize Add to Cart Text
Add Lookbook Widget to CMS Page
Add Lookbook Widget to CMS Page
Select Lookbook to Display in Widget
Select Lookbook to Display in Widget
Configure Widget Options
Configure Widget Options


Increases AOV

The extension increases your average order value as customers are more likely to buy additional items or even the full look.

Improves UX

Customers are able to add all the products shown on a lookbook to cart with one click, improving their shopping experience.

Promotes Products

You can insert links to the complementary products directly into the image so that customers can buy them separately.


Create Unlimited Lookbooks

Lookbooks give your customers a clear idea of how the products will look together—For example, a model wearing a suit, shoes, watch, and sunglasses. You may need to create a number of lookbooks to showcase different products, i.e., party wear lookbook, jewelry lookbook, summer lookbook. With this Magento 2 lookbook extension, you can create as many shoppable looks as you want.

Highlight Individual Products with Markers

Add markers to highlight individual products in the image. You can also promote each item by inserting its name and link into the image. On hovering over the marker, the product image enlarges, and customers can click on it to go to the product page. You can customize the marker pin color.

Offer Discount on Lookbook Purchase

To entice customers to buy the full look, you can offer attractive discounts in one of the following ways.

  • Fixed Amount: Offer a fixed discount amount. A $10 discount, for example, will deduct $10 from the total lookbook value, whatever the total value.
  • Percent Amount: Offer a discount in percentage. A 10% discount, for example, will give a customer a relief of $20 if he purchases a lookbook worth $200.

Customize Discount Text

It is important to display an appealing message to make customers buy the complete look to avail the discount offer. The extension allows you to write a custom discount text message. Leave it empty if you don't offer any discount.

Design Discount Label

You can make the discount label look good or in harmony with your store’s theme by customizing its background and text colors.

Limit Discount to Specific Customer Groups

You may decide to grant the discount to specific customer groups and deny it to others. You can do so by selecting your favored customer groups while leaving the others unselected.

Add & Customize All to Cart Button

The real benefit of a lookbook is that you only display one image that includes many products. Customers can add the full look with all the products to cart with a single click. Once added, they can remove any product or update any product quantity from inside the shopping cart. They can even buy a single item from the image.

Set Lookbooks Display Order

If you have multiple looks, you can display them in a specific order by giving each lookbook an order number. This helps you prioritize lookbooks based on their importance.

Display in Slider

Depending upon your preference, you can display lookbooks in a standard or slider format. There are a bunch of slider settings you can configure. For example, choose to autoplay, pause autoplay on mouse hover, display arrows & dots, and specify autoplay and navigation speed. You can also specify the image width and the number of items per row to display.

Add Widget on Any CMS Page

This Magento 2 Lookbook extension allows you to display lookbooks as a widget on multiple CMS blocks and pages like homepage, about us, etc.


The extension allows you to make Lookbooks in your Magento 2 store in just a few clicks.

  • Install the Magento 2 Lookbook extension by FMEextensions.
  • Go to FME EXTENSIONS -> Lookbook -> Add New Lookbook
  • Give the new Lookbook a Title, a unique Identifier, a unique URL Key, upload the Lookbook Image, select a Discount Type, Discount Amount, Marker Pin Color, and enable the
  • Status
  • Save the changes.

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FME is my first choice

I run a Magento 2 store and turn to FME for all my store extensions. Their coders are excellent and the support team is efficient. Never been disappointed.



Glad I bougt

The extension works great. I requested a minor tweak and the support team was quick to do it.


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