Customer Attributes for Magento 2 (1.0.3)

Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension gives you a full featured experience to create multiple registration fields and attach them to the sign-up form of your website. You can add different types of customer attributes fields such as file upload, image upload, text, date, message, radio options and arrange them in custom order. Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension also allows you to enable put validation on fields, show default values and comment option for customer attributes.
  • Key Features

    • Add Unlimited Customer Attributes on Your Registration Page
    • Arrange Order of Attributes on Registration Form
    • Attach Multi-Level Dependable Fields
    • Use 13 Different Types of Attributes
    • Make Attributes Mandatory or Optional
    • Set Data Input Validation for Attributes
    • Show/Hide New Attribute in My Account Section
    • Show/Hide New Attribute in Customer Registration Email
    • Restrict Additional Customer Attributes by Store Views
    • Make Attributes Non-Editable Once Data is Entered by Customer

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Create Additional Registration Attributes

Magento 2 Add Customer Attributes extension allows you to acquire additional information from customers by adding multiple fields on registration form of your store. This helps you collect important data from customers and learn about their preferences, needs, and shopping behaviours.

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Add Conditional Attributes in Registration Form

Conditional attributes feature allows you to set condition on certain customer attributes so they appear on registration form only when the conditions are met. This helps you to collect data from a specific customer segment.

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Add 13 Types of Custom Attributes

Magento 2 add customer attribute comes with a variety of attribute types. You can add,

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Text Editor
  • Image upload
  • File upload
  • Audio Upload
  • Video Upload
  • Drop Down
  • Date
  • Yes/No option
  • Multiple Select
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio
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Make Attributes Mandatory or Optional

Customer registration attributes can be set to mandatory or optional. Mandatory attributes can be identified with a red start.

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Display Custom Attributes Data in My Accounts Section

All customer attribute information can be viewed from My Account section of customers. You can also disable this option.

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Display Custom Attributes Data in Customer Email

By enabling this option, you can show customer attributes data in confirmation email sent to customers. You can choose this for every field level.

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Make Attribute Data Non-Editable Once Filled

Attribute data can be set as non-editable once it is entered. This prevents customers to alter their data once the attribute has been filled.

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Enable Input Validation for Custom Attributes

Enable input validation to make sure input data is relevant to the attribute field you have created. You can use the following input validations:

  • Decimal numbers
  • Email Address
  • Integers
  • Letters
  • Alphanumeric(a-z,A-Z,or 0-9)
  • URL
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Restrict Attributes by Store Views & Customer Groups

To get information from customers based on their groups and regions, you can restrict customer attributes to specific store views and customer groups.

Example of Customer Group Restriction Feature?

Example:In this Magento 2 Create Customer Attribute extension, if you have restricted a field by “retail” customer group, the attribute will not be displayed in registration form to those customers who not belong to the retail group. Once the registration is complete and the merchant has assigned him the “Retail” group. The same attribute will be displayed to the customer’s “My Account” section which can be filled later.

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Display Default Value & Comment with Each Attribute

You can enter default values as dummy data to guide customer in filling the attributes. You can also add comments to further assist customers in registration process.

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