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Custom Registration Fields for Magento 2


Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields extension allows you to add additional fields to your registration form to collect valuable information from customers. Know your customer preferences, needs, and meet legal requirements.

  • Select from 13 field types
  • Position fields anywhere
  • Add multi-level dependable fields
  • Make fields mandatory or optional
  • Configure data input validation
  • Show field's data in registration email & "My Account"
  • Restrict customer attributes by Store Views
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields
  • Features
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  • Related Products
  • Additional Fields on Registration Form
  • Dependable User Field
  • Fields Display in "My Account"
  • Attributes Grid
  • 13 Types of Signup Form Fields
  • Input Data Validation
  • Make Attribute Mandatory & Non-editable
  • Configuration options
Additional Fields on Registration Form
Additional Fields on Registration Form
Dependable User Field
Dependable User Field
Fields Display in "My Account"
Fields Display in "My Account"
Attributes Grid
Attributes Grid
13 Types of Signup Form Fields
13 Types of Signup Form Fields
Input Data Validation
Input Data Validation
Make Attribute Mandatory & Non-editable
Make Attribute Mandatory & Non-editable
Configuration options
Configuration options


Enhanced Customer Insights

Capture specific data with custom fields for a deeper understanding of customers, aiding personalized interactions.

Tailored User Experience

Create a seamless registration process with fields that align precisely with your business needs and customer preferences.

Effortless Data Management

Streamline data collection and organization, easily managing and utilizing customer information for targeted marketing and analysis.


Why Add Custom Fields to Magento 2 Registration Form?

At times, adding extra fields to the registration form is essential to collect specific customer data to better understand customer's needs and their journey. For instance, including a 'How did you find us' field helps identify effective marketing channels.

With our Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields extension, you can add an unlimited number of custom fields to your Magento 2 registration page to acquire additional information from customers. This allows for a personalized interactions, improved engagement and meeting business needs.

Add Dependable Fields to Registration Form

With this extension, you can create dependable fields to keep your signup form clean by only displaying field when required. For example, you can display VAT only when someone registers as business instead of individual.

13 Types of Fields

This Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields extension offers 13 types of fields for adding customer attributes. The wide range of field types enables you to capture any desired data.

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • File Upload
  • Image Upload
  • Date
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No Option
  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox
  • Text Editor
  • Audio Upload
  • Video Upload

Make Fields Mandatory or Optional

Make certain fields mandatory to make sure you get their data. Mandatory attributes can be identified with a red star at the end of the field title.

Display Additional Fields Data in My Account

For maintaining transparency, you can keep your customers informed about the information they have provided by showing additional fields data in My Account section. This option can also be disabled.

Display Additional Fields Data in Customer Email

You have the flexibility to determine, at the field level, whether to include it in the customer confirmation email or not. This provides precise control over communication content.

Make Fields Non-Editable Once Filled

While adding a new Magento 2 custom registration field, you can set it as non-editable once the data is entered by customer. This feature is quite handy for preventing customers from changing their data after registration.

Enable Input Validation for Custom Fields

In order to make sure the entered information is relevant to the field, you can enable input validation on your sign-up form. This plugin supports the following types of input validations:

  • Decimal numbers
  • Integers
  • Email address
  • URL
  • Letters
  • Alphanumeric (a-z,A-Z,or 0-9)

Restrict by Store Views & Customer Groups

With the Magento 2 custom registration fields plugin, you can choose to limit fields by customer groups and store views depending upon the requirements of a store view.

How Does the Customer Group Restriction Work?

Example: If a field is restricted to the 'Retail' customer group, it won't appear in the signup form initially, as the customer's group is unknown. After completing registration and being assigned to the 'Retail' group by the merchant, the same attribute will be visible in the customer's 'My Account' section, allowing them to fill it in later.

Additional Features

You can configure the following settings for each custom attribute:

  • Sort the additional attributes logically
  • Set a default value for each attribute
  • Add a custom title to additional attribute section

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No Bugs

The extension installed and works smoothly without bugs. The developers have good coding standards.

Rasool Ilahi


An excellent app with great support

Needed some help to setup this extension in my store & support team quickly fixed it. Recommended!



Related Fields

Just like your M1, the M2 extension works great. I really like the feature of adding related fields.


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