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FAQ Management for Magento 1


FAQ Magento extension enables you to create a separate page for FAQs on your website to answer common questions of your customers. You can add unlimited FAQs, which are displayed in accordion style that facilitates users in reading. Configure SEO settings to optimize FAQs in search results that drive traffic to your website.

  • Post Multiple FAQs using WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Creates a Dedicated Magento FAQs Page.
  • SEO Settings to Rank Your FAQs Page.
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    Unlimited FAQs

    You can add unlimited FAQs to the dedicated page, which can cover maximum common issues your customers are facing.

    Dedicated FAQ Page

    Magento FAQ module creates a separate FAQs page that creates convenience for users to read all questions on a single page.

    SEO Settings

    You can configure SEO settings to ensure online visibility of FAQs and get organic traffic from the search engines

    Add Unlimited FAQs

    You can add unlimited number of FAQs to answer most of the issues of your valued customers.

    Assign To Specific Store Views

    Each FAQ can be assigned to a specific store-view to ensure the customers get support in their native language.

    Post Answer Using WYSIWYG Editor

    With WYSIWYG Editor, you can post content of an answer and format it to make readable, attractive and engaging.

    Dedicated Page for FAQ

    FAQ extension for Magento lets you create a separate page of FAQs, where you can add unlimited common questions along with answers.

    Your customers can read the FAQs on a dedicated page in an accordion style, which expands the question they click and close the other ones. This creates a focused view to read a specific question.

    SEO – Rank Your FAQ Page

    Add meta information to optimize FAQs page that ultimately increases traffic to your business website.

    Meta Title, Description & Keywords

    Add meta information to optimize FAQs page that ultimately increases traffic to your business website.

    Customize FAQ URL

    You can customer the URL to enhance customer readability and rank the page higher in search results.

    Merchants Benefits

    You or your support might have experienced lots of emails from customers about repeated questions. FAQ page is an effective solution for addressing all common questions. Our FAQ extension for Magento does the same. Here are the benefits you get.

    • The facility to add unlimited FAQs helps you to add general as well as specific questions about your industry.
    • Well optimized FAQs get exposure in famous search engines, and drives you relevant traffic and leads.
    • It saves your time in educating your valued customers by answers all the possible questions once rather than replying every single email.

    Customer Benefits

    Customers often fail to ask a question as they either feel hesitant, too busy or do not like to share contact details. To help them find answers to most of their questions with bothering them to write, you can create a separate page and add FAQs. You can install FAQ Management extension to let your customers enjoy the following benefits.

    • Your customers find quick answers to their questions without wasting time in live chat or sending you emails.
    • With an accordion style FAQs, your customer can easily read a particular question on the screen while the rest are hidden.
    • Assigning FAQs to a store view ensure the answer is viewed and read by a targeted audience.

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    FAQ Management

    the support was great had a problem setting up wrote support they fix it fast easy to use would recommend this product

    joe n


    Great extension

    Great extension from a superb developer. they sorted out my issues within minutes of me reporting it. extremely helpful and would definitely recommend.


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