Who bought this also bought Magento Extension

Who bought this also bought Magento Extension

The biggest goal of online stores is to increase sales and brand name. To make this happen many strategies are adopted such as social networking paid ads SEO etc. The base line is if you have attractive site design which is easy to browse and clear enough to be understood by customers, its load time is not much high and provides relevant information effectively.  There are lots of website tools that can also help in this cause. Let us take an example of “Who bought this also bought Magento extension”. This tools is built for a leading platform known as Magento.

This little Magento plugin does a wonderful job to attract customers on different products of your online store. It works like an analytical engine which keeps track of customers shopping trends and behaviors such as which products were purchased in combination by any customer; it then automatically suggests all customers when they shop at your site about these products. To give you an example if any customer X purchases product A and B and another customer Z tries to purchase same product A. Then Customer Z will be presented with a choice that “Customers who bought product A also bought product B”. It has the following features.

 Who Bought This Also Bought Block and its Position:

 The products that are suggested by this Magento extension are presented in a block which can be positioned in the right or left column depending upon your site page layout.

 WBTAB Block Slider:

 If there are more products than the block can hold, then vertical scroll-er will appear so that customers can easily select different products. Slider will not appear in case there are only few products.

 Filter products in WBTAB Block:

 This Magento Extension allows you to display products in the block after being filtered by their stock and order statuses such as out of stock products or products which have their status as “completed” etc.

 Custom Title for the Block:

 You are able to customize the title of this block according to your choice.

 Multiple product Selection:

 A “Select All” and “Unselect All” option is provided in WBTAB block. Customers can click on “select all” to select all products in a block to be included in the checkout and vice versa.

  Products of Same Category:

 You can select to show products in the WBTAB block from just one category.

 Limiting number of products in a block:

 You can limit the number products that will be displayed in a block.....