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UX In Magento Web Design: 3 Trends To Follow And 3 To Avoid!

UX In Magento Web Design: 3 Trends To Follow And 3 To Avoid!

User experience, the most important aspect to make any online store successful or lost in the crowd. Changing technology, user needs, and preferences are stressing web designers to think about innovative ways for enhanced user experience. Better user experience means more visits and hence more sales. What to consider while working on enhanced user experience and what to avoid? This post will shed light on the issue.

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What Works!

Here are mentioned 3 things that work for enhanced user experience at an online store.

1. Large Sized Product Images

Larger screen sizes and bigger resolutions are the reasons behind using large product images for better view. Users prefer getting the product details from the images before they go for description. Multiple views of a product can give more information to the user and can help them realize how the product can satisfy their certain need. Not just the product pages, but category pages are also having larger images. Users can have better knowledge of the product from larger images.

2. Strong Product Reviews

Product reviews help users understand the quality and features of the product and how it will make their life easier. Users can get to know answers to certain questions related to the product. Other than review of the product, there should be more detail of the reviewer like gender, age, or field of expertise. Users can get better information from others before they buy a product. It is more like recommending products to the prospects.

Reviews should be realistic and informative, carrying strengths and possible problems the product may have. It will let the end user realize that these reviews are from real customers, based on their personal experience.

3. Offer Coupons

For online stores, coupon codes can be a big appeal for the targeted customers. Make it sure, if the coupon codes are provided at the website, these should be easily applied. Do not delay that before users go to the checkout process for final payment. Customers prefer discounts implemented as early and possible. Believe it, annoyed users will not come at your site again, so do not give them a single chance for that.

What Does Not Work?

Here are mentioned 3 things that contribute to bad user experience. Read and avoid!

1. Veiled Product Description

At most of the ecommerce websites, product descriptions are hidden. These product descriptions are concealed behind links or locked into small boxes. It may be due to the designing concerns for presenting similar experience on small and large screens. Larger product images do not mean product description should be compromised. It does not mean larger content should be there in the description, but concise information is must to let users know more about the product.

2. No Feedback About Items In The Cart

Many online stores do not tell the customers if an item has been added to the cart or not. Inform the users if an item has been added or not in a timely manner. It could be done by taking users to the shopping cart instantly or using a modal. Do not use the item count alongside shopping cart or give a single-lined text to show the item added in the cart; it will not work. Uninformed users about the added item may go back and leave the shopping process just to check. It may also result in more items being added to the cart, which ultimately leads the users blaming the online store for such a blunder and hence leave the site forever.

3. Messy Customer Service

Efficient customer service is integral to the success of an online store. Cold and dreary customer service sections add to the bad user experience and hence lead to quitting the deal in process. If users face a problem at the site, they want to communicate with customer service representatives and come to the specific section, which if left cluttered, will annoy them. Web designers should pay due attention to this most important segment of an online store because it is not just about customer service but about business repute. Happy and satisfied customers will come again and again, whereas, annoyed customer will go forever and will never recommend your web store to anyone else. What do you want? Obviously the first option. Make customer service section simple, appealing, and friendly.

User experience is the one of the most important factor that web designers should pay attention to while designing an ecommerce store. Success of any online business lies in satisfied users, so each aspect of design should support that objective.  Pleasant user experience supports business growth and sales. What is your opinion? Share your experience of pleasant and bad user experience in the comments below!