Tutorial – Copy, Duplicate Categories in Magento

There may be times you would want to move your Magento categories data, categories path, or you may want to optimize categories such as re-arrangement to more logical order. In these situations you will need to maintain   product relations e.g. all products and sub categories should also be migrated/moved. In some situations, you would require a new category having products from existing categories, means new Magento category with same products.

To avoid errors and exceptions in big ecommerce websites which can be caused by manual coding, you can perform Magento Copy and Duplicate Categories process by using Copy Category Magento Extension. This is one of the administration Magento extensions developed by FME. It allows you to copy, duplicate and replace categories with just a single click, preserving product relations. For store owners, it provides a very user-friendly interface that does require any kind of technical knowledge. Windows style GUI allows you to perform these operations with just few clicks.

Let us now see how we can use Magento Copy, Duplicate Categories extension.

Step 1:

Login to backend, make sure that the extension is enabled from the configuration

Step 2:

Click on Magento categories from catalog section on the backend

Step 3:

You will see two columns, on the left column; all the categories are listed whereas right column shows details of any clicked category. On the left column click on the category that you want to set as a parent category.

Step 4:

You will notice a new button on the top right section, labeled as “Copy Category”, that will appear when you have clicked on any category. Click on this button.

Step 5:

On the next window, you will find two options. First one is ‘Copy Options’ and second one is ‘Search and Replace’. From the first option, select the child category which will be copied to the parent one. If you need to copy all products, choose ‘Yes’ from the ‘Copy Product Relations’ drop down.  Finally if need to create new category with same products, use search and replace feature. You can create multiple new categories.

Step 6:

Now click on Copy button that is on the top right section.

And that is all you have to do. You can find new category available on the left column. Checkout more information, snapshots and Demo on product page. You can also checkout Copy Duplicate Categories Extension on Magento Commerce.