Online Benefits of User Profiles

Most probably you would know the importance of maintaining online social profiles. It gives people a centralized channel to share information with their community. Most of the celebs have created their social profiles to accumulate huge number of fans. It is a place where your information will be shared globally. You can reach out to people easily which otherwise you can’t.

It could also serve as a purpose of great marketing tool. You can promote any product to millions of people who use such profiles. This is just one aspect of the profiles. Another usage comes where profiles are created for some specific requirements within software or an eCommerce site. To give you an example let us see User profiles Magento module. This extension allows customers to create their profiles from their accounts through which they can view and make communication with store administrators and also any product reviews they have posted all in one place.

Frontend Features:

Direct Communication:

Customers can communicate with store administrators directly from their accounts. An inbox has been provided in this module for customers through which they can create, send and reply to messages just like the way email is used.

New Message alerts: Whenever new message appears, inbox indicates it by highlighting its color and showing number of new messages.

Status: For the convenience of both customers and admin, detailed statuses are provided regarding messages  like Sent or received, read or unread .

From/To:  For usability features, FROM/TO fields are also provided

Date and Time:  Time is important in any kind statistics, admin and customers can view the date and time when new message was sent.

Centralized Information:

In case customers would like to see all the reviews they had posted for any product, they can easily do so from their accounts. On the other hand from the profile’s page they can click on other user’s profile to view on which products those users had reviewed. It will help them making a decision to buy any product with confidence.

Profiles Detail Page:

A separate profile’s page is provided where all the user’s profiles are listed. You can click to view details of any profile such as email id, description, avatar, and product reviews. Profile can be made as private or public.

Profiles Management in User Account:

Profiles are created from customer’s account.  They can update any information regarding their profile from their respective accounts such as avatars, description etc. Inbox for messages is also providing in this section from where they can send or receive messages.

Messages and Advertisements:

As mentioned above, profiles can be a lot helpful for marketing purpose. Similarly store administrators can create any advertisement and send it to multiple users at once. This is similar to email advertisement feature which has been incorporated into this Magento module.

Auto Replies:

Sometimes auto replies can be very important for customer’s satisfaction and your brand impression. This tool gives you auto reply functionality right out of the box.

Backend Features:

Backend of this module provides comprehensive set of configuration to give store admins more freedom and flexibility

  • Control profile’s description text limit
  • Configurable avatar
  • Configurable admin accounts
  • You can set custom text as a heading on new message from
  • You can choose custom text for success and error messages
  • Configurable layouts for profile pages such as 2 columns, 3 columns
  • Notification emails

eCommerce sites are all about giving your customers enhanced features. Staying in the eCommerce competition by incorporating these important tools is really important to get your business up.