New Magento Dynamic Product Pricing Plugins by FME

New Magento Dynamic Product Pricing Plugins by FME

Magento Dynamic Pricing eliminates the need to set the fixed price for products. It is required for online shops selling products like flooring, liquids, fabrics etc. These type of products cannot have fixed price, customers can order any quantity and amount, so the price has to be calculated accordingly. FME has following dynamic pricing addons currently in its store.

  • CSV Pricing
  • Price Calculator
  • Box Calculator
  • Percentage Pricing

The first two deals with the dimensional pricing, which means pricing based on product length, width, and height. The next two are different; let’s talk about them briefly here:

Box Calculator

This module provides Magento price per quantity functionality.  It includes square foot price calculator, which calculate price per area. The purpose of this plugin is to calculate number of boxes/cartons required for packaging and shipping the product. Admin can configure the box size for each product e.g. liquids, an order for 50 liters of liquid would require 5 barrels, each can hold 10 liters.  “Square meter”, “Square centi-meter” and “Square foot” input/output units are supported. Read more about FMEs Square foot Box and Carton Pricing addon and checkout demo.

Percentage Pricing

This addons provides cost based pricing functionality. Basically, it allows you to apply “Cost+Markup” formula on products, in bulk quantity. If you need to add certain amount of profit in percentage or fixed amount, you can easily do so with the help of shopping cart rules included in this module. These rules enable you to apply markup on selective products e.g. specific categories. Customer groups are also supported so that price markup can be segmented accordingly.

Read more about FMEs %age Cost Based Pricing plugin and checkout demo.

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