Mobile Store Magento Theme

 Mobile Store Magento Theme is designed for online stores which sell digital devices e.g. Mobile phones, Computers etc. This Magento Theme comes with vigorous color scheme which completely satisfies customers when they are browsing your web store.

Combination of JavaScript and design elements in this theme are found to be exceptional. Like digital devices which are splashy and alluring in look and are tempting to users which definitely will go ahead and buy that product, this Magento Mobile theme is designed with same philosophy. Mobile Store Skin does have same potential like high tech digital device to motivate customers for purchase on your store.

Mobile Store Magento Template - Header and Footer:

This Magento Mobile theme has standard header whereas footer is different in style. Header has following elements;

  •  Standard Brand Logo on very left of the page
  •  Default Magento Links like Login, checkout, my cart etc on top right corner
  •  Quick shopping cart information just below default Magento links. This feature has been incorporated in Mobile Store Magento Theme in order to provide useful cart statistics to user.
  •  Search bar below shopping cart view.
  •  Stylish menu with JS effects. Mouse over JS effect  on the menu is really exciting and lively feature for customers.
  • Footer consists of minimal space and displays links to pages like Home, Contact us, Privacy policy etc.

Mobile Store Magento Theme Home Page:

Home page starts with JavaScript banner slider at the top. Banners are great tools to advertise products and marketing campaigns. They also build brand awareness. Below the top banners social sharing icons within a banner are placed beautifully alongside the elongated banner. Below these banners are featured products displayed in a grid view. Home page has 2 columns layout therefore right column has following information.

  •  My Cart information
  •  Compare products option
  •  Newsletter signup
  •  Banner or simple image for advertisement

Mobile Store Magento Theme - Category Page:

This Magento mobile theme has 2 columns right bar layout. Main column provide options to display category products in a grid or list view. Sorting and pagination are also enabled.

Product detail Page:

Product page on this Magento Mobile theme also has 2 columns right bar layout. JavaScript Image zoomer is also provided which enable customers to view zoomed images in a popup. Another interesting features on this page is the related products that are shown at the bottom of this page. Cross sells/Up Sells are great way of exposing store's products to customers which otherwise would have been hidden from their eyes.


Just above the footer on all pages you are given an option to place your marketing content like "Free Shipping on order over $1".

Mobile E-Store Magento Template has absolute clarity and preciseness that is necessary to display digital devices on website. It is really worth using template for Mobile stores.