OtherJanuary 16, 2013

Make your Magento Store Trust Worthy

Make your Magento Store Trust Worthy

There are millions of people over the web involved into buying and selling goods online. If you got a store that means you are one of them and you will have competitors for sure. To get ahead of your competitor you need to work on few factors and one of them is trust. Buyers can buy from anywhere as they have multiple options for one product but you need to build up a good relationship with buyers to become their top priority. Becoming one’s priority is not an easy task and building up trust also consumes time you need to come up with a strategy which should make you prominent in no time.

FME always took care of your problems and provided innovative solutions. We have some free and paid modules which will help you building up your trust worthy relationship with buyers in no time.  Let me present you few modules to help you achieving your goals.

Products Sold – Free Magento Extension

Letting a buyer know that how many times a product has been sold is a positive sign. It increases trust of the audience for your product; they will become more confident after looking towards the number of sales of a product and that will help your store making more conversions.

An easy to use tool will also allow you to show the original sales of a product to customers or the offsite ones to increase the chances of conversions. Get Products Sold Magento Extension For Free.

Testimonials with No Text

Yes I am talking about video testimonials. Shoot some videos of your existing buyers reviewing your best selling or new products and put it on your online store to increase conversions. It’s a psychological factor that when we see someone using a product and getting benefit out of it also compels us to do so.  Getting review from general public provides more trust than company’s own commercials and adds.

FME brings you a VIDEO TESTIMONAL Magento module to help you getting more trust from buyers. You can upload videos and can also allow people to upload their video reviews about your products. It allows you to upload one video and attach it to multiple products and to get email notifications about reviews submitted by customers. Module is protected with anti spam and rule can be set for uploading buyers review after getting approved from admin. It’s an easy to use thing. Go get it from FME store and increase your conversions.

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