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Products Sold for Magento 1


Magento Products Sold extension allows you to display the number of times each product is sold to gain customers’ trust. This extension automatically calculates the sales of each product that are completed through the website. In addition to this, you can manually add the offsite sales to provide a total figure to the end consumers.

  • Display Quantity Sold Exactly On Product Pages
  • Automatically Calculates & Display On-Site Sales
  • Add & Display Off-Site Product Sales as well
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    Display Product Sales

    Display the number of products sold to build customers' trust about the items you offer in your store.

    Calculates On-Site Sales

    Magento sale count extension calculates the number of products sold on the website which help you to know how frequently customers place orders directly.

    Add & Display Off-Site Sales

    You can also add and display the number of sales that take place off the website which communicates the number of product sales in total.

    Why Should You Display Product Sales?

    Display the number of product sales to build trust and encourage customers to place orders.

    Keep track of the Sales

    Magento display product sold extension counts the number of product sales that are made online, plus you can add the number of sales that are completed off-line. So, you get a number in total.

    Gain Customers’ Trust

    You gain customers trust after showing them the number of orders you have served. The number of orders served represents the customers frequently consume products and services.

    Increase Online Sales

    Providing information about the number of sales turns visitors of your store into customers and ultimately increases sales and revenues of your store

    Sell products that Underperform

    Products are often ignored when visitors do not see anyone interested in it. Get them engaged in purchases by displaying the number of onsite and offsite sales.

    Display On & Off-Site Sales

    You can display On and Off site sales to let the users know how many customers have ordered your products and services.

    Automatically Calculates On-Site Sales

    Magento product sale extension automatically calculates on-site sales and displays it against each product, which saves your time and builds customers’ trust.

    Manually Add Off-Site Sales

    You can manually add the number of sales that are served in addition to the online sales to sum up the total number of sales and ensure the reliability of products

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