Magento Tutorial–Catalog Price Rules (Part 1)

Once you have created your web shop with Magento Themes, nothing is more effective in marketing than discounts that are given on products or prizes that are offered. Customers love it when you say 10  ,20 or 50% discount is offered, or enter into lucky draw by purchasing any specific product etc. How would you create these marketing campaigns for your website? Well, Magento comes into play and provides complete Promos and marketing management tools.

You might have seen at many web shops during checkout, you are given an option to enter a promotional code or coupon code. Once you have entered a coupon code, the price of that product is automatically reduced according to the discount being given. Magento gives its users excellent tool for managing Coupons and promotions just like it has great Magento Themes for websites. The name of that tool is Magento Price rules.  These rules allow comprehensive options to configure promotions store wide.

It also eliminates product level work, it means you do not have to work for any specific product; you can create one promotion that will apply to whole of your store or specific user groups. Just like perfect Magento Themes for your site, Magento price rules provide perfect coupons management.  Price rules are some of the extra ordinary features that you can use; it allows you to build simple to complicate rules.

Magento offers two types of price rules to be configured on Magento web shop just like it offers versatile Magento Themes, Catalog price rules and shopping cart price rules. Catalog Magento price rules are applied before product is added to cart and shopping cart rules are executed on cart pages.

To create a new Catalog Magento price rule, navigate to Promotions > Catalog Price Rules and select Add New Rule.

  • Enter desired rule name
  • Enable/Disable it from the status drop down
  • If you want this rule to be applied on customers groups, then select your desired group
  • Enter effective To/From date for this rule
  • Prioritize your rules in case you have created multiple rules


  • You can create multiple conditions by clicking on plus sign and similarly remove any by clicking on cross sign
  • The underlined text can be customized like if you click on True you will find a drop down appear on its place from where you can select other options
  • Once you click on plus sign to create new condition for this rule, you will find a drop down with available product attributes. Once you click on any attribute its corresponding options will appear so that you can apply further checks


Once the conditions are set you can then apply the discount amount like as below:

  •      By percentage
  •      By fixed amount
  •      To percentage
  •      To Fixed amount

The difference between “by and to” is that “by” subtracts the discount from total price whereas “to” sets the final discounted price to the discount amount.  After selecting this option, enter the discount amount and select if you wish other rules to interfere with this rule. Once you save it, your catalog Magento price rule is configured and is ready to be used on your web shop. Customers can now enter promotional code to get discounts on your site laid out with beautiful Magento Themes….(To be continued)