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Marketing Tricks with Video Testimonials

Marketing Tricks with Video Testimonials

Magento Testimonials extension provides concrete bases for progress in business. Imagine you have a potential customer searching for products in your store and he happens to meet somebody who appreciates your products and store services. Few words spoken from that person are 1000 times more convincing that banners or other sales promotions. Because it is a sign of trust potential customers will have on your products and services because they can see satisfaction of other customers.

If it happens in my store, I would certainly capture a video or images to show it to my store visitors and build credibility of my store. Yes this is possible, if you have Magento based web shop, you can have video testimonials posted on your site with the help of Magento Testimonials extension.  Let us see below what are the benefits of Video testimonials:

  • Written testimonials are time consuming whereas video testimonials are more meaningful and take just few minutes to affect people
  • Video testimonial are more trustworthy and are more convincing because customer’s emotions, gestures all counts and it make emotional connection with people which results in greater trust. Fake video testimonials can easily be recognized whereas trusting on written testimonials is always doubtful for people.
  • Video testimonials are more powerful than any other kind of testimonial and so does the Magento Testimonials extension.
  • Video testimonials are more clear to customers hence they can easily make decisions about your products
  • Video testimonials goes viral, hence your message reaches to a greater community for marketing

 Magento Testimonials Extension – Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial Magento extension provides comprehensive options to display video testimonials on website.  Below are the highlighted features of this extension,
  • Video testimonials can be uploaded by customers on frontend or by store administrator from the admin panel.
  • Youtube videos can be embedded easily, really a cool feature in Magento Testimonials Extension
  • Gives you email notifications about new video testimonials.
  • Videos can be attached with multiple products in Magento. All at once
  • Requiring an admin’s approval for publishing videos on website when customers upload it is all your choice, you can enable or disable this requirement
  • You can disable customers to upload videos.
  • Instead of testimonials you can use Video Testimonials Magento Extension for product videos, such as product description, user guide etc. So you are getting multiple products at once with this Magento Testimonial Extension
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • It support multi-store and multi-language
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  • You can configure how many videos should be shown on one page
  • Control information that is shown with products.

As mentioned above, this is 2 in 1 Magento Extension, you can use for multiple purposes. It has all fantastic features that should be present in any Magento Testimonials Extension.