Promoting Products by Group Deals Magento Events Discount Extension

Magento events discounts extension is developed for products’ discounts and promotions. ‘Daily deals’ is one of the hottest topics on the internet. Millions of people are searching for discount packages such as for domestic products or for various events like flight booking, hotel reservation and the list goes on. There are many great websites that serve all those people. By creating new offer each day, more interest and enthusiasm is developed in customers. The result is that more sales are generated in short span of time.

You can successfully create and manage daily deals page on your website by using Magento Events Discount Extension. This module provides a very user friendly admin interface and comprehensive set of features to promote products. Here are the key features of this plug-in.

Features - Group Deals Magento Events Discount Extension

  • Creates a daily deals landing page. This page displays each deal’s short description, banner and a link to more information.
  • You can configure default category, From to Time feature, title and Meta information for landing page
  • Create and display unlimited discount packages
  • Events are flushed timely with the help of CRON job
  • Create events and deals separately, associate each deal with multiple events.
  • Events information includes, short/long description, effective dates, images, Meta information, and the package with which the event is attached
  • Package information includes following
  • a)      Original price and its label
  • b)      Discounted price and its label
  • c)       Tax class
  • d)      Color scheme is customizable
  • e)      List of attached events
  • f)       Package order
  • g)      Product categories with which it is associated
  • Ajax supported, adding, removing products in deal is performed without page reloads
  • Extremely easy for customers to customize the deal
  • Product information is displayed in a lightbox as well

For more information please check out demo of this module on FMEs Website. To read customer review please click here.