Time to Followup with Customers & Stop Cart Abandonment

Time to Followup with Customers & Stop Cart Abandonment

Its perfect time to get up, create a website and start selling items on-line, since couple of months are remaining in Christmas. Its time for established eCommerce sites to stop losing sales now. It is right time to push your efforts and increase sales. These efforts include following with those customers who left the cart without making a purchase. There is a huge competition among merchants, each one trying to get the most out of the market. You will find dozens of websites offering same product at different price rates. Many merchants will offer special deals to attract customers.

magento abandoned cart extension

But the wise merchants will always look for any black holes within their marketing efforts and will try to cover them. Abandoned cart reminder serves as a biggest remedy to cure cart abandonment rate. This is an extension that targets all those customers who were in the middle of checkout process but some how were not able to complete the deal. It allows merchants to investigate the reasons of this abandonment, give them incentives to visit the website again and complete the deal. It also makes them feel valued because of this type of customer service. Following are the key features of this plugin;

Key Features - Abandoned Cart Reminder Magento Extension

  • Followup with customers who left the cart abandoned
  • Send follow-up emails at pre-defined intervals
  • Reminder emails include a link to the abandoned cart. Customers can click on it to return to where they left from and complete the purchase.
  • Track cart abandonment for specific stores (Store views).
  • Supports customers notifications
  • Send coupon code in reminder emails as an incentive to them.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Make your customers feel valued by providing unique customer service
Checkout the demo of Abandoned Cart Reminder Magento Extension and find out how you can fully utilize it to prevent sales drop.