How To Use Shop By Brands Extension For Magento 2?
Being an e-commerce store owner, Are you wondering about your landing page for brand presentation? This article will show you how you can make your e-commerce business more successful using Shop by brand and manufacturer extension for your Magento store. Magento 2 shop by brands and manufacturer extension by FME helps your online shoppers rapidly navigate the products in search for their desired brand logo or manufacturer. You can easily add the featured slider to display all your selected brands and enable it to your brand listing page or home page. You can also customize a separate page for each brand and display all the products with the information. To facilitate your online customers in making fast and hassle free navigation, you can add search box and enable filters on listing page. magento-2-shop-by-brand-magento-2-extension Shop by brand extension for Magento 2 will grow your sales amount by helping clients to give a rapid decision on choosing their preferred brands. Few scenarios are explained below with examples:

How Shop by Brand Extension works for shop owner/manager?

You can easily follow the steps if you have knowledge about technology, please see below how it works for you: 1. Install the FME extension as per user guide. 2. In admin panel, click on FME Extension -> Manage Brands. Click on import brand, based on the attribute code, the extension will automatically import and create brands. You can also edit, delete and create new brands through new brand button. Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Extension Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Extension You can personalize every new brand with its logo, title, URL identifier, store view, description, and Meta tags. Now that you provide complete brand or manufacturer detail, you can attach products as well from the catalog. 3. Click on FME Extension -> Configuration, here you can do the following configuration for Shop by Brand Extension:

General Settings

In general settings, you can enable or disable the extension itself. You can create titles for the pages that show brands and featured manufacturers. Also, enable the setting for Home Page Featured Brand option and add the number of Brands to Display on Home Page. shop-by-brand-general-settings

Attribute Settings

Provide attribute code in configuration to use it while importing brands. It can be manufacturer, supplier, author, brand or any other attribute. Remember save Config after each change. magento-shop-brand-attribute-settings

Brand Listing Page

For the brand listing page, you can enable or disable the display of Featured Brand, Search box, Alphabetical Search, Alphabetical Listing, set specific number of Products to show, and customize the title of ‘Featured Brands’ block. brand-listing-page

Brand Detail Page

For the brand detail page, you can enable the ‘Featured Brands’ block with a custom title and the number of Brands to show. magento-2-brand-detail-page

Manage Footer Links

You can enable the footer link and add a personalized Label to it. magento-2-brands-footer-link

Search Engine Optimization

In Search Engine Optimization configuration, you can add the Brand Identifier, URL Suffix, Meta Keywords and Meta Description for the brand listings page. Using a tool like Rebrandly URL Shortener you can have stats on any link you decide to track. brand-page-seo-settings

How Shop by Brand Extension works for customers?

If you are online store shopper you can easily use Shop by brands and manufacturer extension for Magento 2 with following steps:
  1. Click on “Brands” on top menu to navigate brand listing page.
  2. The brand listing page will show all brand and if you didn’t find the desired brand, you can write on search box or use alphabetical brand filter.
  3. After find out your desired brand, you can click on the brand name to navigate the brand detail page of the brand. You can see all the information of your desired brand such as, name, logo, description and all products belong to this particular brand.
  4. For purchase any product, at brand detail page click on your desired product which you need to buy and click on add to cart button to add your product. Then you may complete the check-out process. Then you can add new products or edit the item parameters.
  magento-2-brand-listing-page Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Plugin Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Extension Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Module Shop-by-Brands-&-Manufacturers-Plugin Check Example Demo here. Conclusion: Every store owner wants to increase sales and Top Shop by Brand Extension is the perfect solution for their customers to take quick decision and find the brands which they want in attractive brand showcase. I hope you like the article and it will helpful for you. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to ask and email at
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