OtherOctober 3, 2012

How to Perform Local SEO for Online Store

How to Perform Local SEO for Online Store

If you have a shop with variety of products and necessities and people nearby are unknown about it that means you cannot expect to get something big out of it. Spread awareness to get big revenue and Local SEO can play an important role in it.

Today we will go through some local SEO tips so you can bring more traffic for your online store to increase sales.

Start doing Classifieds

Classifieds postings play an important role to generate a huge amount of traffic. You should start finding local classified sites which offer free add postings. Start posting your online store ads and products features so people get to know more about your products and buy your products. Free local listings are an asset for Local SEO.

Local Bookmarking

Let’s say you want to get traffic from UK for your online store. Go to search engine or other resources to find some high pr UK social bookmarking sites. Make sure those websites are having good pr along with high PA (page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). PA and DA can be determined from opensiteexpolorer.org.

Start posting your website on local bookmarking sites and you will start seeing the effect after 15 to 20 days. Your traffic will jump up but you have to be consistent in social bookmarking activity.

Local Video Sites, Article Directories and Blogs

To target UK audience you need .co.uk sites and if you compile a huge list of .co.uk sites for video submission, article directories and blogs for comments that means you have an asset. Now start making videos for your online store featuring your products and put them online on all .co.uk sites. Video Testimonials can bring huge traffic on your online store.

Start doing blog comments on .co.uk websites and make sure you post relevant comment with targeted anchor. Please do not forget the diversity factor. Same is with article directories but in this case your content must be genuine and user friendly to get maximum utilization and link juice.

Reviews Posting

When you have some satisfied consumers for your online store. You must ask your clients to post good reviews about your products on local websites so other should know about your products and this thing will help you to increase your sales.

Make sure you keep in mind all these points and you will see a change in your traffic and sales after couple of weeks you start doing this activity.