10+ Top Free Magento 2 Extensions For Every Store

10+ Top Free Magento 2 Extensions For Every Store

In this article we have gathered the most successful and result oriented free Magento 2 extensions covering Checkout Enhancements, Search and Navigation, Site Management, Content and  Customization, Marketing, SEO, Translation and Localization categories.

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Top Free Magento 2 Extensions

Checkout below list to find top free Magento 2 extensions which you can use to enhance your store performance and functionality.

    1. Banners - Free Responsive Banner Slider
    2 Banners - Free Responsive Banner Slider

    Free Banner’s extension from FME is another elegantly designed imager slider application that allows you to add multiple images on your home page. You can place HD featured images of your most selling or most popular products and assign custom titles to these banners. Among many Banner Slider extensions, this one is the simplest and effective for any type of business or products.

    1. Request For Quote
     4 Request For Quote

    Request for Quote is yet another free Magento 2 extension by FME, which allows online store owners to upgrade their Request for Quote process with an automated RFQ form. This easy to use form facilitates the customers in filling their requirements and asking for a quote. This Free Magento 2 plugin also allows the users to upload files and receive notifications about the quote they have submitted.

    1. Store Manager Connector
    5 Store Manager Connector

    Talking about centralizing ecommerce operations into one user savvy platform, then Store Manager Connector is the best solution you will get. This Free Magento 2 Plugin helps multi retailers who which to expand and grow their business by providing means to efficiently manage their inventory, sales, purchasing and fulfillment through a centralized channel. This allows retailers to enhance their visibility, introduce efficiency, get insight and acquire trigger ready control over their business operations. Retailers can now devise comprehensive ecommerce strategies by intelligently reducing costs, maximizing profitability and tailoring their omnichannel operation according to the needs and preferences of the customers. Simply download, install and start managing your orders from your dedicated channel.

    1. Advanced Shipping
    8 Advanced Shipping Setting

    Configure your shipping fee in the most flexible manner with Advance Shipping Settings extensions. This Free Magento 2 module allows you to manage shipping fee with every available variable such as destination, price, weight, quantity, categories, item options, product attributes, customer group, customer attributes and other Magento custom variables etc. You can also define formulas for specifying the price of shipping methods with single number, or with combination of multiple conditions. You can change the settings anytime from the back end to define new rules for shipping for your products.

    1. Algolia AI Search & Discovery
    10 Angolia Instant Search

    Selling your products online is made easy with Angolia’s Instant Search extension for Magento 2. It is a highly responsive extension that allows your customers to enter their searches and acquire results in real time. It’s a fast and user-savvy tool to expose your products and lead them to your product pages. You can prioritize results according to their ratings, popularity and best selling features with advance typo tolerance so your users get precisely what they are looking for. Enable dropdown menu to allow users view your entire catalog and get access to all your categories or attributes. Instant and Faceted search allow you to update search results page, pagination and navigation with each keystroke. It’s a feature rich Free Magento 2 extension with intelligently designed functionalities for customer convenience.

    1. Dominate Checkout
    15 One Page Step Checkout

    Optimize your checkout page by reducing your checkout steps into one compact process with One Step Checkout extension. It makes your checkout simple and responsive to all users and devices. This works by simplifying all the steps into one page so customers no longer need to wait for each step to load and and then fill in their information. This improves your conversion rates and gives your customers a user friendly checkout experience. To keep repeat customers in the loop it auto detects customer accounts so they are not requested to sign in again. It is a simple Magento 2 module that does a lot for your store by preventing abandonments and increasing conversions.

    1. ClickSend SMS
    18 ClickSend SMS

    Inform your customers about their order placement through SMS notifications with ClickSend SMS extension. This extension sends SMS notification to the shopper and the administrator each time an order is shipped. Although the extension is free, there are SMS fee associated with the sending messages. The charges start from $.0099/SMS.

    1. FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention
    19 FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

    If you have insecurities about online frauds and scams in the ecommerce industry then worry no more. FraudLabs Pro is a fraud prevention M2 extension to help merchats stay safe from fraudulent orders and malicious attempts. Its prevents online stores from bots and fraudsters by validating all orders and conducting screening to detect fraud patterns. Its run by an intelligently developed algorithm that keeps all elements in check such as geolocation, proxy, email, blacklist, credit card, transaction velocity etc to keep your store impervious to fraud orders. It’s quietly runs in the background while your store remains operational without interrupting transaction process. You can also obtain a comprehensive report on the orders once they are done.

    1. Subscribe at Checkout
    21 Subscribe at Checkout

    Among the fastest and the most cost effective ways to acquire customers is to keep them in the loop through newsletters. Each time you have a new product or promotion in your online store you can easily share it by emailing the customers. To make sure you have customers subscribed to your newsletters, Subscribe at Checkout extension adds a checkbox allowing shoppers to subscribe before completing their checkout. Although customers can choose to subscribe or not subscribe at the end of the checkout, you can set it to default as well. Its easy to install and configure since it does not require any technical knowledge in the process.

    1. Mass Email Customers
    22 Mass Email Customers

    Sending emails to your customers is crucial if you want to remain connected and facilitate repeat business. They are among the oldest marketing channels run with little or no cost and yet one of the most effective. If you want to keep your customers updated with news, events, product promotions and new arrivals then Mass Emails Customers extension is the answer. It gives you the ability to unload emails to all your customers or just the selected ones in one click. You no longer need to send emails individually to dedicated customer when Mass Email Customers extension is right here.

    1. Order Eraser by Wyomind
    25 Order Eraser

    This is a good module to clean your dashboard by deleting futile orders such as test or canceled orders. Magento 2 Order Eraser deletes the orders either individually or collectively by selecting them from the orders grid. It also seamlessly removes the linked data with an order i.e. invoices, credit memos, etc. When an order is deleted, a notification message is displayed to the admin.

    1. Twitter & Facebook Login by Plumrocket
    28  Twitter & Facebook Login

    Magento 2 Twitter & Facebook Login is a very useful extension which lets customers login or register using their Twitter or Facebook accounts. This increases registrations providing you useful leads for future marketing campaigns. Once the extension is installed, social login buttons will appear on the account login, registration, and checkout pages. With social login, you can personalize your customer’s experience by displaying their social media profile photo. Additionally, you can collect their social profile data such as email, name, DoB, etc. The extension is compatible with any native or third party Magento theme.

    1. Admin Theme
    Free Magento 2 Admin Theme

    Magento 2 Admin Theme is a must-have tool for store management. This free extension by Landofcoder will give the admin better store management by the user-friendly dashboard. Addintionally, the extension is featured with responsive design, modern interface, attractive font icons, and RTL support.

    Final Thoughts

    Magento is among the leading platforms with more than 25,000 users in its fold. With the release of Magento 2, Free modules are required more than ever. To help you find the right mix of features, usability and performance, we have shortlisted 25+ extensions from Magento Marketplace. These top rated Magento 2 extensions will add the functionality you require to excel in ecommerce by minimizing your operational costs and enhancing your store revenues. We highly recommend that you download these free extensions and make your Magento 2 store one of the top sellers in the market.

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