Buy Online Pick Up in Store - How to Add In-Store Pickup in Magento 2?

Buy Online Pick Up in Store - How to Add In-Store Pickup in Magento 2?

Often, customers come across the dilemma of buying a product online that will either take too long to deliver, or cost too much for the shipment. This often happens when the store does not have a delivery service, and the courier company they have partnered with is either charging too much, or simply does not deliver to the customer’s location. Being an online merchant, you cannot afford to lose customers just because they are far away or choose not to pay for the delivery charges. This can cost you hundreds of potential sales and deliver a bad user experience to the customer. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you deliver your merchandize without costing a penny to your prospective customer.

According to a recent study between 2,000 respondents it was found that 68% of shoppers use store pick-up to click and collect their online purchases.

Store Pickup Benefits

  • Customers can save a lot on delivery time by ordering directly to their nearest store location. Shipment vendors take a minimum of a week to get the item delivered whereas through store pick-up the order can be delivered in 1-2 days.
  • This is a great solution for customer to save money on shipment charges. Most orders involved paid shipment and many customers feel burdened in paying delivery fee for online purchases.
  • Merchants can add all the relevant information about their stores by creating a dedicated listings page. this allows customers to remain informed about the location, directions, store timings, product availability, and holidays of the specific store.

How to Add Store Pickup in your Magento 2 Store?

It’s better to use an extension in order to add in-store pickup option in your online store. If you’re running a Magento based ecommerce store, then try Magento 2 in-store pickup extension by FME - a top rated solution that allows online store owners to add store pickup shipping method in their stores, so customers can use store pick up as delivery method when checking out on a product. It works by setting the nearest physical store of the company as drop off point where the product is delivered. Once the item arrives there, the customer gets notified it is ready to be picked up. This not only helps the customer save money on shipping, but also the weeks of delivery time that most courier services take to deliver the package. Moreover, this extension comes pre-loaded with several useful features that enhances the customer user-experience and streamlines the merchant delivery operations.

This how the store pickup option looks like:


Buy Online Pickup in Store Strategy

There are lots of things that you need to consider while offering Buy Online Pickup in Store service. Some of the main points are:

How long will it take for an online order to be ready for in-store pickup?

This ultimately depends on the location of the store from the warehouse, and the time it takes for the delivery. For many local stores that have ecommerce websites, this option becomes an ideal solution to allow customers save delivery fee and time to get the item delivered home. On average, it will take from a day, to a week to in-store pick up to be ready. for international stores that deliver products all across the country, the time period may vary from 1-3 weeks.

What items are not eligible for buy online, & pick up In store?

Several items that have high price value or extremely large dimension such as furniture are usually not offered through store-pick. These items either have a high risk value or present storage complications for the merchants. To prevent customers from adding store-pick as shipping method when checking out on your store, you can easily disable the option from the back-end for selected products so customers cannot order products using the the option.

How long will store hold the order?

This again depends on the store’s policy and the product type. Usually the item can be stored for as long as the customer wants. But if the customer is unresponsive and fails to contact the store about the item, the store will have no option but to send back the product or sell it to another interested customer. Once the product arrives the store drop-off destination, an email notification is generated to the customer informing them that the package is ready to be delivered. The customer can visit the store and show the purchase receipt to collect the product.

What if I need to change the in-store pickup location for my order?

The in-store pick-up location can be easily changed from my account section of the store. Customers can select any store on the map and set it as the new pick up location of the item. However, it has to be a registered store listed on the website or else the customer cannot use store pick-up option. In case the item gets shipped, changing store pick-up location will not work since the item package is already set out for the destination with the delivery team.

Additional Fee to use the buy online, pick up in store service

This is the great thing about adding store pick-up option. Customer will not have to pay any additional shipment charges since the store undertakes the delivery process. However, a fee can be added by the merchant depending on the distance of the store or any intermediate hurdles during the delivery journey. However, in most cases there are no charges or any fee which is the key proposition of using this option.

If you’re looking to add Buy Online Pickup in Store feature in your Magento 2 store, then feel free to contact us.

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