Advance Google Maps Magento Store Locator Released!

Advance Google Maps Magento Store Locator Released!
FME has developed a new version of Google Maps Magento Extension. It is an advanced version that includes lot of design enhancements and advance features. It also includes all the features of existing version like search by products & address, get directions, API Key, custom images, automatically detecting customers’ location, etc. You can read more about the basic version of Google Maps Store locator here. The new version of store locator tends to provide more flexibility to admin and at the same time makes the GUI more users friendly. Advance Google Maps Magento Store Locator Extension

 New Features – Advance Google Maps Magento Extension

  • Store detail page is added, it helps you to provide more information about the store. You can add images, content and tags
  • Store attributes is a new feature included in ‘Magento find a store’ module. It works like tags such as apparel, electronics, mobile phones etc. These tags are shown on store detail pages and on a landing page. Customers can click on it to filter the stores accordingly.
  • CSV Import: now you can import multiple stores via CSV file, don’t need to create manually.
  • Quick search box on mouse over that is on the header link.
  • Mouse over marker effects
  • Side markers and marker numbers
  • To attach products with stores there is a separate section on the backend
  • Supports multiple page layouts
  • Enhanced frontend design
As mentioned above it includes all features of basic store locator version. Try out this advance version on our DEMO, feel free to ask any questions.