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Advance News for Magento 1


Magento News Extension is a complete news management system that lets you post relevant news for your customer awareness. You can create categories and post news along with images and videos for better understanding in Magento News module. The news block enables you to show news stories wherever you want on your website.

  • WYSIWYG Editor To Post News With Categories
  • Add News Rating, Video, Images Gallery
  • Manage News Block & Configure SEO
  • Manage Featured News Slider & Comments
  • Personalize Theme & Layout for News Pages
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    WYSIWYG Editor

    You can write and make changes to a news story in the WYSIWYG editor. It gives you a complete MS Word like experience in writing and making changes.

    Multiple Categories

    Create multiple groups to segregate news stories so that customers can conveniently read news about their favorite products.

    Attach Videos & Image Gallery

    You can add videos to describe a news story. An image gallery can also be created to support the points discussed in the news.

    News Block

    Add a separate News block to an attention-grabbing place of your website with selected number of news stories.

    Personalize Theme & Layout

    Enter width, color, and font to personalize the theme and enhance the presentation. You can also choose a layout style that suits you web design.

    Advanced SEO

    FME News extension in Magento offers advanced SEO settings to assure online visibility of the news stories posted in a separate section.

    Landing Page for News

    News module for Magento creates a landing page, which lists top news with short description, image and read more link.

    This module allows you to create online news listing page that has all the necessary ingredients to provide useful information to readers. Features that make your news reports compelling are all included in this add-on. With Magento Rating and Comments feature, you can bring talk of the town right on your news page.

    Settings For News Page

    • Select page layout and set title
    • Set limit for news on landing page
    • Add meta information
    • Set width for the content page
    • Choose color style for heading, front & background, and Featured news background
    • Enter custom CSS to define your own settings

    Add & Manage News

    Magento latest news extension offer you a comprehensive News management platform for your website. From the perspective of giving all useful information under one roof to the design and layout customization, this module offers a number of features.

    • Add basic news/content information such as title, SEF URL and meta information
    • Make your news as featured
    • Upload avatar, opening image which can be resized and aligned as required. To resize enter only numeric value e.g. if you will add 40, then your uploaded image will be resized down to 40%.
    • Choose store view
    • Select appropriate news category
    • Create image gallery
    • Choose related news from left column
    • From “Media” tab on left column add videos to your content, upload manually or from any URL
    • Monitor and moderate ratings from the “Rating” tab on left column

    News Block

    Add news block, to highlight some of the updates on anywhere you want on the website.

    Manage News Block

    Create blocks and associate news stories that have to be shown at a specified place on your website.

    Settings For News Block

    Configure block settings by adding title and content, enable/disable status and select a display area to make it more noticeable.

    Video & Image Gallery Options in Magento News Module

    To report news in an effective manner, you can add images within content or use elegant image gallery provided by this module.

    Image Gallery Settings

    • Add a caption
    • Select slider style such as Banners with/without navigation & thumbnails.
    • Customize slider settings such as slide or opacity animation, transition effects, slide interval & duration, auto play settings, dimensions and show image title.

    Video Settings

    • Enter a caption
    • Customize width and height for the player

    Manage Comments, Ratings & RSS Settings

    Comments manager provides you with a comments dashboard, where you can view and moderate all the received comments.

    • Settings For Comments & Rating
    • Let readers participate by adding comments and voting.
    • Enable pagination and sorting
    • Select if single user can rate multiple times or not

    RSS Rating Settings

    • Select Feed length. If no limit is entered then unlimited length will be used
    • Enable HTML filter to remove HTML tags from feed


    • Unlimited news categories with parent-child relationship can be created. Category sorting is supported
    • To get your News to be found easily in search engines, set your own Meta information
    • Customizable Featured News Slider for home page/landing page is included. Configure slider style, animation (swing, ease in quad, ease in back etc.) and heading etc.
    • Display Author images within news, from the admin panel you can resize and align this image as required
    • Advance WYSIWYG Editor included
    • “Related news” feature is included. Related news are shown in the left column.
    • Monitor and moderate all comments from the comments manager at the backend.

    Merchant Benefit

    Advance news extension allows you to keep your customer alert about news relating to your industry. It’s a good practice to inform your customers about the latest changes, innovation and legislation for the products and services they are searching for. You can gain the following benefits for it.

    • You gain customers trust for updating them with timely and relevant news.
    • Better optimized news stories perform well in driving more traffic to your store.
    • The combination of increased traffic and customer trust enhances conversion rates.
    • By publishing relevant facts and figures in the news, you gain an authority over competitors.

    Customer Benefit

    Customers feel satisfaction for finding a news section on a business website. A news section symbolizes journalistic values of an enterprise and promotes a store’s accountability among customers. Here are the benefits your customers can avail after the installation of Advance News Extension.

    • Your customers can find relevant updates in your news section and do not have to dig the internet for it.
    • The news block saves their time in reading the headlines rather than visiting the page.
    • The comments and voting section encourages them to participate in the conversation and post their personal opinion.

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