Call For Price (1.0) 

Magento Call for Price Extension by FME enables the store owners to hide price of the products and ‘add to cart’ button to allow your customers to call and inquire for products and their price. It is preferable for those owners who fancy their customers to ask for the quote. This Magento Hide Price module has complete and personalized features that enable you to hide the price of products from visitors, guests and customers. With this Call for Price module, you can also enlist products that need further interaction before buying. Custom messages and Tool Tips are added to allow them to contact at once. The customized message completely supports html commands. Contact forms and custom buttons can also be used serve the same purpose.

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1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8


1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Magento Call for Price Module is very light weight and easy to understand plugin by FME. This extension has hide price feature which enables the store owners to conceal the price of products they want. These items are either out of stock or their prices are constantly changing and it is required to confirm about them on call or email before buying. Your customers can interact in two ways, either by contacting on the provided contact number or they can drop their query through contact form.

Call for Price Extension is an interactive tool to keep your customers engaged in your products and to retain the potential ones. It replaces the price block and the ‘Add to Cart’ button with personalized message. This option is particularly very important in the case where you are not completely unaware of your potential customer market’s needs and instead you want them to show interest in further details of the product or service. This would encourage them to interact and generate a query. Thus making them potential leads which you can convert in future in a better way.

With this Hide Price Magento Module, you can alter the message according to your desire. Giving you authority to display any text, encourage new customers with the same effect. You can assign “Call for price” tag to a single product, product category or subcategory or to whole shop, giving you a freehand to manipulate your customer in a meaningful way. This feature can be enabled from the admin backend panel, for details see the step by step portion of the extension.

Hide Product Price

This is the key feature of the extension. The store owners can desirably hide price of any product according to their need. Once enabled, you can replace the price block with customized messages and contact number to allow your customer to interact whenever they want.

Hide ‘Add to Cart’ Button

You can also hide ‘Add to Cart’ button for the products that either are not in the inventory currently and the ones having constantly changing prices. Customers can enquire and confirm about the availability and all other information regarding the product(s).

General Features – Magento Call for Price Extension

  • Push customers to Call for Price
  • Hide price of products and “Add to Cart” button
  • Disables price and cart functionality from wishlist
  • Html supported customized messages can be added
  • Priority can be given to the messages for displaying
  • Contact number can be added as Tool Tip
  • Flexible rules can be created for single product, category, sub-category and/or the entire shop
  • Same conditions as in catalog price rules
  • Customer information can be stored for cross-selling or promotional campaigns
  • You can sell products requiring a more interaction than just online purchase
  • You can also install your extension to custom themes on your Magento store
  • Can be assigned to all product types
  • Email template included for easy customization
  • Alter folder names to support custom themes



FME’s Magento Call for Price Module is fairly simple but very effective extension for your web store. Its user friendly interface and functionality makes it a very simple but productive tool for your web store. After successful installation, the first thing that you come across is the configuration of the settings.


Start by clicking on the ‘FME Call for Price’ button on the menu bar. Then go to ‘Configuration’ section in the dropdown menu. In configurations section, you will find following settings;

General Configuration:

Click here to Enable or Disable the extension. Select YES to proceed forward.

Popup Form and Tooltip Enable:

You can select either popup form for enquiry, tooltip or both for call for price. These options will be visible in place of price and cart on your desired place.

Contact Form Settings:

  • You can choose the desired mandatory fields for the popup contact form. The options include; First Name, Last Name, Address, Company, Country and contact number. Make sure you do not leave email and comments field empty.
  • Make form fields mandatory or optional
  • You can also write desired message that will be displayed as popup heading. The default message used is ‘Contact for product information’.
  • You can also write your desired text f to be displayed in the contact form.
  • If form submission failed or any other error comes then set fail message text. This message can be personalized according to your need. The purpose of this message is to properly communicate the error with the customers.
  • Lastly, you can write desired text for a closing message for the customer. The thanks message will be displayed immediately after the customer submits query.
    • Frontend Email Options:

      This option is used to configure emails sent from the frontend by the customers to the store administrator. This option works only if the popup form is enabled. The details are sent on the customer support email provided by the store owner. The frontend email template used is already configured during the installation.

      Backend Email options:

      You can provide a valid email address where customer queries will be received. The replies will be sent through this email as well. The backend email template used is already configured during the installation.

      Confirmation Email Message:

      You can set customized confirmation message to customers that will be sent as auto reply after they submit their query. Different email address can be used to send the confirmation message. The purpose of this message is to continue the link with customers for future contact.

      Google Captcha Keys:

      You can also add Google captcha keys in your popup contact form to further ensure the security of the information provided by the customer. You can enable or disable captcha and also set desired theme.


      Navigate to the main menu of your store and go to ‘FME Call for Price’. Here from the dropdown menu, you can start using its features. How it actually works? Proceed further to understand its functionality.

      Manage Rule:

      Go to ‘FME Call for Price’ from the main menu and select ‘Manage Rule’ from the dropdown menu. Here you can add rules by clicking ‘Add Rule’ button. These rules are either set for the single product, product category, sub-category and/or the entire shop. Following settings are there in ‘Rule Detail’ while you create a new rule;

      • Rule Information – Here you can set the name of that you want to give to the rule. After that, set the priority, store view details, the customer groups you want to include, start and date and also enable or disable the rule as per your need.
      • Text – Here you can write the Tooltip that you want to mention as a popup in place of the price on product page. This can be your helpline number or a general message.
      • Conditions – In last, set the conditions for each category, set of categories and product (s). These conditions define where the rule is to be applied. Select ‘If ANY’ option given on the top for selecting desired options.
        • After done with the settings, click ‘Save Rule’ to save all the settings made.

          Manage Contacts - After Customer Query Generated:

          Once the rule is set, the customer will submit a query at the frontend product page of the store where the rule applies. After 5 to 10 minutes, the confirmation email will be received by the customer and at the same time the query will be displayed in ‘Manage Contact’ section of the backend admin panel. After clicking the query, you can view real time details and also reply with specific answer from here. Once done, click ‘Send Email’ button. A reply email will be generated and sent to the respective customer immediately. Congratulations! You have caught a fish in the net!

          Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us.


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