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Universal Shop


The outstanding Universal Shop Store with modern effects. Attractive JQuery Banner and Stylish New Products on the home page. Easy to install and manage. Supports Multiple stores. Fulfills all the requirements for all kind of online Stores.

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      Universal shop gives you a stunning design for your store. Each and every item in design has been taken into great consideration, made much fancier and presented. Home page has beautiful banners on the top with great effects when images are switched. A JavaScript scroller has been provided on the bottom with a unique style which reveals your products as scrolled further.

      A JavaScript image viewer has been provided on product detail page. Detail page has a simple and colorful design which significantly influences your customers to visit and make purchases from your store only.

      Template Features

      • Attractive JQuery Banner on the homepage
      • New products on the homepage
      • Top navigation menu
      • JQuery Catalog scroller
      • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view
      • Fast loading
      • Completely customizable
      • Applicable for multiple business fields
      • SEO friendly
      • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements
      • Step by Step installation guide