Store Pickup for Magento® 2 (1.0.1)

Magento 2 Store Pickup extension allows your customers to order products online and pickup from the nearest store. Let them save shipping charges and delivery time. During the checkout process, your customers can choose “Store Pickup” as shipping method and select the nearest store and time for pickup. This extension comes with an extra store locator functionality which allows you to list all your physical stores on dedicated store locator page. Integration with Google Maps enables you to list your stores on a guided Google map. Individually add or Import stores data using CSV file.
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  • Key Features

    • Allow Users To Select Pickup Store
    • Add Multiple Stores With Google Map Marker
    • Create Separate Landing Page for Each Store
    • Create Store Tags For Better Navigation
    • Specify Holidays For Each Store
    • Set Time Tables For Each Day Of The Week
    • Import Magento 1 Stores Data

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    Free Lifetime Support

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

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    Meet Magento Standards

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    2 minutes Installation


Powerful Features of Magento 2 Store Pickup

  • Allow Users to select Pickup Store

    You can enable customers to select the nearest store for picking-up the order themselves, and save on shipping charges.

  • Add Store Locations to Your Web Shop

    You can create multiple stores along with products and Google map locations to facilitate users in finding the nearest outlet.

  • Manage Store Tags for an easy search

    With Magento 2 in store pickup extension, you can create multiple tags to help users easily search stores by an attribute.

  • Add holidays for your multiple stores

    You can add public, private, or corporate holidays and assign them to stores to display the off-working days with a click.

  • Create and manage Store Time Tables

    Create multiple timetables that display working hours for each day of the week. Add any of the timetables to the stores.

  • Import Data from Magento 1 Store

    Try a hassle-free data import of all your stores from Magento 1 to the latest version of your eCommerce platform.

Enable Store Pickup Facility for Customers

With the help of Magento 2 Store Pickup extension, you can offer store pickup facility. Allow customers to choose store pick up in Shipping Methods in order to collect products from nearest store. This will save the time and money a delivery takes. Allow customers to:

  • Select Pickup Store
  • Pickup Date & Time
FME Magento Extensions

Create Multiple Store Locations of your Web Shop

Magento 2 Store Pickup & Store Location extension allows you to create multiple store locations with product availability, display them on a Google map. You can add new stores or import them from your Magento 1 shop with the following details;

  • Store Title and URL Key
  • Assign a Store View
  • Store Address and Description
  • Phone, Postcode, and Zoom Level
  • Store City, Country, and Region
FME Magento Extensions

Create A Separate Landing Page for Each Store

Magento 2 Store locator extension creates a dedicated page for a store as soon as you add it to your eCommerce website. This separate page exhibits complete store details and contact information along with products availability, Google map directions, and street view options.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Tags to make your Stores Recognizable

You can create and manage a variety of tags that can be added to each store to help the users easily recognize the nearest outlet. Add tags for different locations, product variety, or any attribute that better describes a store.

FME Magento Extensions

Announce Holidays for Each Store

With Magento 2 store locator extension, you can add and manage an unlimited number of holidays for your stores. Let your customers know the store will be open or closed before they select choose it as a pickup location.

FME Magento Extensions

Manage Time Tables for Multiple Stores

You can create multiple working schedules that exhibit timetable for each day of the week. This helps you easily set working hours for any store you create. Configure timings for store’s opening, break, and closing.

FME Magento Extensions

Attach Products to Each Store you Create

You can add products to each store so that a customer can confirm the availability of any specific store item before selecting it as a pickup location.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure Store Page SEO Settings

You can add meta tags to each store as well as the stores' listing page. This ensures better search engine visibility of your multiple store locations and tags.

FME Magento Extensions

Magento Store Pickup Extension - Configuration Settings

Carrying on the following configuration settings to make the most out of the extension. It allows you to;

  • Enable or Disable the extension
  • Configure Meta Information
  • Add Store Image
  • Set Latitude & Longitude
  • Add Google Maps API key
  • Add Google Map Marker
  • Manage Footer Links
  • Set up a URL Identifier for the Store Listings Page
FME Magento Extensions

Import Magento 1 Stores to your Shop

Magento Store Pickup extension helps you swiftly bring forward multiple stores along with products and locations from your Magento 1 shop. It is all done with a simple CSV file import.

FME Magento Extensions

Merchant Benefits

  • Increase revenues by adding multiple store locations of your online business
  • Expand your business by opening store locations in other towns, cities, and states
  • Gain customers' trust by allowing them to pick up from one of your nearest stores

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can easily find and order from the nearest store for a quick delivery and low shipping cost
  • With Magento 2 pickup in store extension, you can enable the customers to avoid shipping cost by opting to pick up the order themselves
  • Customers can check product availability and get complete contact details on a dedicated store pages

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Multi-functional

    quote The extension is really multi-functional. It allowed me to provide convenience to my customers by allowing them to pick up their orders from the nearest store. The additional module of store locator allowed me to display all my stores on one page with Google Maps. I thank FME for developing such a quality extension. quote

    Read more
    by: Xuan on 2/19/2019
  • A must-have for multi-store owners

    quote All the features are working exactly as they have been described. Greatly benefited my stores. I think it's a must-have tool for all Magento 2 multi-store owners. quote

    Read more
    by: Martin on 1/28/2019
  • Simple Yet Powerful

    quote Bought 3 extensions from FME in the past and like all of them, Magento 2 store pickup is also rich in features & simple to implement. Every time pleased with the support team. quote

    Read more
    by: Mukesh on 12/21/2018
  • Highly Recommended

    quote The extension perfectly did what it was supposed to do. Valuable & easy-to-use features. quote

    Read more
    by: James Fisher on 11/14/2018

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