Advanced SEO-Friendly Blog for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Increase traffic with responsive and feature-rich Magento 2 blog extension. Start publishing content on your eCommerce website to bring more visitors. Inform, educate and convert visitors into customers. With WYSIWYG editor, you can easily write, edit, and format text of the article. Create categories to classify articles among different topics. You can create image and video gallery, and easily assign them to blog posts. You can enable blocks to highlight articles, categories, and recent comments on the blog. Create blog, category & post SEO Metas. Enable Facebook comments option to make blog engaging.
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  • Key Features

    • Create a Feature Rich SEO Friendly Blog
    • Create Unlimited Blog Categories
    • Add Images & Video gallery to blog articles
    • Configure Meta Details for Posts and Categories
    • Assign Related Products and Articles to Each Post
    • Enable blocks for Recent Posts & FB Comments

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Blog Extension

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    Compose and publish articles right on your eCommerce website with the help of WYSIWYG editor along with summary and Author name.

  • Create Unlimited Categories

    Add Categories to classify articles meaningfully on your website. You can configure meta details of each category for better SEO.

  • Images & Videos Gallery

    Create and manage galleries of images and videos, and easily assign them to each article on your blog.

  • Facebook & Email Comments

    Enable Facebook comments & display recent comments on the Articles in an attractive block. Incorporate Google ReCaptcha to avoid spam comments.

  • Configure Blog Meta Details

    Add Meta details to the blog section, each category, and article to ensure its higher search engine visibility. Let the readers find you easily through SERPs.

  • Assign Related Products and Articles

    Display Article relevant products and posts to improve bounce rate and conversions. Let the users know the relevant products you have in store.

Publish Articles on Your E-commerce Website

Magento 2 Articles extension allows you to publish informative and engaging articles on a blog of your own.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    With the help of WYSIWYG editor, you can editing and format articles while composing them. You are not required to review the display of content multiple times.

  • Add Featured Image

    Upload article specific image and mark it feature to bring articles to the limelight. Make the readers click and read the article with its captivating images.

  • Title and Identified

    Write a custom title and URL identifier to make each article stand out in the search engine result pages. Make them readable and search engine friendly.

  • Summary and Author Name

    Add summary of each article to let the readers quickly go throw the entire post before they read it. Write author name to give them their due credit in producing useful content.

  • Schedule a Post

    Select a date again ‘Publish On’ to schedule an article. The extension will publish it on your desired day and time without letting you log-in the admin panel.

  • Attach Related Products & Articles

    With each article, you post, assign relevant products from your store or the articles you have already published on the blog. Give them a boost.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Categories to Brilliantly Classify Articles

You can create different categories to display articles under a common subject or topic. Let the reader find and read all the articles about a topic with a single click.

  • Create Parent or Sub-categories

    You can create parent as well as sub-categories for the segregation of articles. Multiple sub-categories are linked to the main one for easy navigation and understanding.

  • Customize Category URL Key

    Write a custom URL key for each category to let the search engine robots easily index and rank.

  • Configure Category Meta Details

    Add meta details to the categories to make sure they appear in search engine results. Make the category pages readable for the search algorithms.

FME Magento Extensions

Manage Image Gallery for Blog Articles

With Magento 2 blog module, you can create an exclusive image gallery and easily assign them to articles.

  • Assign Media Images to Articles

    Add images to an article right from the media gallery rather than uploading it every time you write a post.

  • Add new Images and Photography

    You can add as many images to the gallery as you want. Upload all your creative and captivating images right to the gallery on your website.

  • Manage the existing Media Gallery

    Edit or delete the media one by one or in bulk. Clean the clutter to better manage the available resources in the media gallery.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Videos and Easily Assign them to Articles

With this Magento 2 blog plugin, you can create an entire video gallery on your blog to quickly add them to articles.

  • Assign Videos to Articles

    Creating a video gallery allows you to swiftly add videos to articles rather than uploading them again and again.

  • Add or Embed Videos to Gallery

    You can either directly upload a video file to the gallery or embed it from a social network. Make all the videos available right in the gallery.

  • Write Video Title and Short Introduction

    Compose an appealing title and a short introduction of the video to easily recognize it from other videos in the gallery.

  • Upload a Media Thumbnail

    Add thumbnail to each video you upload or embed to make it look appealing and captivating for the blog readers.

FME Magento Extensions

Allow Readers to Comment and Avoid Spam

Let the readers of your blog post their feedback in comments and configure settings to avoid spam.

  • Enable Anti Spam Check

    You can enable Google ReCaptcha to prevent spammers exploiting the comments section.

  • Recent Comments Block

    Display recent comments in a block to show reader engagement and participation to other users.

  • Facebook Comments Block

    Allow users to submit a comment to your articles with their Facebook profiles.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure SEO Settings for your Blog

Gain Search Engine Exposure by configuring various SEO settings.

  • Add Meta Details to Blog section

    Let the blog of your eCommerce website appear in top search results by adding keyword rich meta details.

  • Configure Meta data for each Article

    You can configure Meta data to each article before publishing it to make it rank higher against targeted keywords.

  • Setup Metas for the Categories as well

    By setting up meta details to each category page, you can further boost web visibility of the different topics you cover on the blog.

  • Further SEO Settings

    • Add URL slug for the blog section
    • Select a URL Suffix i.e. .html
    • Key-based or ID-based category page URL
FME Magento Extensions

Customize Camera Slider to Beautify the Blog

Blog extension for Magento 2 is equipped with multiple customization options to make the articles landing page more appealing and attractive. The customization includes the following options.

  • Select Effects to Animate Images
  • Enable Pause on hover
  • Show Navigation Button
  • Enable Pagination on slider
  • Configure Slide Duration
FME Magento Extensions

Enable Blocks to Showcase Comments and Articles

Magento 2 blog extension allows you to exhibit comments, articles, and categories with the help of attractive blocks. You can enable the following blocks,

  • Recent Comments Block
  • Facebook Comments Block
  • Featured Articles Block
  • Categories block
  • Search Block
FME Magento Extensions

Additional Features

  • Enable RSS of your blog to empower readers easily get an update
  • Add Articles Tab to Product Pages
  • Display Your Social Presence i.e. Facebook and Twitter profile
  • Configure a layout for the articles


  • With Magento Advance Articles extension, merchants can write and publish articles right on their eCommerce website. No need to own and manage a separate CMS platform for articles.
  • Merchants can share educational articles to build an authority and make the users believe in their products and services.
  • Interact with your target audience through informative articles and engaging them in productive comments and replies. Unleash the effectiveness of content marketing.

Customer Benefits

  • An informative blog right on an eCommerce website is always an overwhelming experience for the customers. They can read about the products or services in detail before placing an order.
  • A blog also serves as a news section so customers can subscribe to the RSS and frequently get all the updates about discounts, new arrivals, or other events.
  • By allowing customers to comment, they are obliged to comment and share their valuable thoughts. This helps them ask anything they have in their minds.

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