Product Attachments for Magento® 2 (1.3.2)

Product attachment extension allows you to upload files to products and CMS pages such as user guides, pricing, tutorials and manuals so that your customers can download them. You can upload files in various formats, including ppt, docs, PDF, images and audio/visual media. Restrict files to customer groups and store view to avoid unnecessary downloads. Links and videos can be added to make the website more informative. Checkout our Product Attachments for Magento 1
  • Key Features

    • Attach Multiple Files On Product & CMS Pages
    • Separate Files Download Page With Categories
    • Supports Multiple File Formats & Display Icons
    • Restrict By Customer Groups & Store View
    • Add Links & Videos Attachment

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Powerfull Features Of Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension

  • Attach To Products & CMS Pages

    The files can be attached to products and CMS pages so that customers can easily download them from the relevant page.

  • Files Listing & Download Page

    It enables a dedicated page of downloads and enlist all the files so that customers can instantly download and seek assistance.

  • Multiple File Types & Icons

    Upload multiple file types like ppt, pdf, docs or any media for better user guidance. The files are shown with their respective icons that help the customers to identify the type and format.

  • Link & Video Attachments

    You can add links and videos to products and categories so that customers can visit relevant pages and watch videos in addition to the uploaded files.

  • Downloads Limit & Counter

    Set download limits to prevent excessive load on your website. You can enable a counter that tracks the number of downloads for each file.

  • Restrict By Customer Groups

    You can restrict the file download facility to a selected customer groups so that irrelevant users cannot access these files.

Attach Files To Product & CMS Pages

You can attach the files to CMS pages and different products to help spread your message.

  • Product Files Tab

    Attach files to multiple products by selecting them one by one from the list. Product Attachments Extension For Magento 2 helps you to add an instructional manual with multiple products.

  • CMS Attachments

    You can add files for CMS pages as well, which assist customers to find relevant downloads on content pages.

Separate Files Listing & Download Page

Magento 2 PDF Upload extension creates a dedicated page for file listing and download page that enhances user experience.

    • You can collectively display all the files on a separate page for easy navigation of customers.
    • The files are shown in categories like manuals, PDFs, user guides, specifications, etc. You can add categories and separate files accordingly.
  • Configuration Options

    • Add & Display File Descriptions
    • Enable Footer Link (Quick Links)
    • Add Custom Title for files listing page
    • Supports 1, 2 & 3 Column Layout

Manage File Categories

You can add, edit and remove categories to classify files in the most relevant category.

  • Category / Sub Categories

    You can create independent categories for grouping files, whereas sub-categories can also be created under the parent group.

Multiple File Types & Icons

You can upload multiple file types that allow you to present information and guides in your acceptable format.

  • This extension supports file formats like PDFs, PPT, Excel, Docs, JPG, PNG and many other files.
  • A small icon also appears with the file that clearly indicates the format.

Links & Videos Attachments

Add links and videos on your website pages to make them more valuable.

  • Video Attachment

    You can make product and CMS pages more meaningful by displaying videos.

  • Add Links

    Add useful links on various pages to make your website more informative and reliable.

Restrict By Customer Groups & Store Views

You can restrict file downloads to a particular customer group and store view, which prevents unnecessary downloads.

  • Customer Groups

    Select a customer group like general, wholesaler or VIP member, so that no one else can download the files they do not need.

  • Store Views

    You can restrict a store view for product attachments so that only the targeted customers can see the files.

Magento File Download Limit & Counter

Set a limit to restrict excessive downloads on your website. You can enable a counter that records each download.

  • Download Limit

    You can set a limit that restricts downloads of each file, which prevents a higher number of downloads.

  • File Download Counter

    Enable the counter to know how many times a file is downloaded by users.

Configuration Options

Configure the general and specific settings for further customization.

  • Product Attachment Settings

    • Add custom text for Product attachments Tab & Heading
    • Show/Hide Files description for product attachment
  • CMS Attachment Settings

    • Customize Title for Product attachments Heading
    • Show/Hide Files description for CMS attachment
  • General Setting

    • Enable / Disable login before download

Merchant Benefits

Attach PDF To Product extension For Magento 2 is a helpful tool for Merchant, which allows them to upload various files to products and CMS pages without any hassle. You can also avail the following benefits after quick installation of this extension.

  • Upload presentations, images and worksheets to convey the message in a more presentable manner to the end consumer.
  • By adding links and videos, you can facilitate valued customers with all the resources that are necessary to be studied for the products and services.
  • Keep the users engaged in the informational and tutorial content, and pursue them to become your loyal customers.
  • You can educate customer easily by uploading relevant documents right on the product or CMS pages.

Customer Benefits

Customers are always eager to know about the product or service they are about to consume. To help them in taking their decisions, you can put maximum information in the form of downloadable files. Here are the benefits they enjoy after installation of this extension.

  • Your customers can grab more information about products and services provided in the attached file.
  • Customers can visit the provided links to verify the resources or view the affiliation and certification of products.
  • They can watch the tutorial and other videos to save time rather than reading all the text in user manuals.
  • Your customers can access and download files on a dedicated page rather than visiting products and CMS pages.
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Reviews & Ratings
  • Everything works perfectly

    quote Thank you FME team for providing the free installation for this extension. Everything is well integrated on our CMS pages... quote

    Read more
    by: Neil on 2/27/17
  • Very happy with the outcome

    quote Fme provided good extension and service, We needed customization with their Magento Product attachments extension and they provided the same for a small fee.

    Read more
    by: miraid on 10/20/16

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