Who Bought This Also Bought (1.2.0)

This Magento extension displays suggestions to customers on product page regarding the item they have selected. It shows products that other customers bought when they bought the item currently selected by the customer. These products are displayed in an elegant slider which can be placed on right/left column. Admin can filter products by their stock, category and order statuses in this block. This Magento extension acts as a great marketing tool for your products….


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Who Bought This Also Bought Magento Extension

Who Bought This Also Bought Magento extension gives multiple benefits to your online store with respect to the marketing point of view and users’ experience. For marketing point of view it puts a great strategy in place by taking and maintaining product sales’ behavior and suggesting customers with those products which were purchased by other customers along with the one customer is currently viewing or purchasing. What this means is that if customer X purchases product A and B and another customer Z tries to purchase same product A. Then Customer Z will be presented with a choice that “Customers who bought product A also bought product B”.

This information greatly increases more sales and gives users the comfort and increased options for shopping. Whether you host a big or small store, this Magento extension works out for you by marketing all of your products to millions of customers at your site. Customers can select these suggested products to be included in the cart. Let us see features of this wonderful extension,

Who Bought This Also Bought - Features

  • Works with SImple, Configurable, Virtual, Grouped products
  • Block / Position: The suggested products as described above will appear in a block which can be positioned in the right or left column.
  • Block Slider :A beautiful vertical slider has been embedded in this block to allow scrolling up and down if there are more products than the block can hold. Slider does not appear in case there are only few products.
  • Filter products Block : Furthermore the products which appear in the Who Bought This Also Bought block can be filtered by their stock and order statuses such as, display only those product which are “in stock”, whose order status is “complete” etc.
  • Custom Title: WBTAB block can be customized with the heading of your own choice. Freedom and Flexibility it is all about!!
  • Multiple product Selection A “Select All” and “Unselect All” option is provided in WBTAB block. Customers can click on “select all” to select all products in a block to be included in the checkout and vice versa.
  • Products of Same Category: You can select to show products in the WBTAB block from just one category.
  • Limiting number of products in a block: You can limit the number products that will be displayed in a block.
  • Responsive

Who Bought This Also Bought - Frontend:

‘Who Bought This Also Bought’ products are displayed in a block which can be positioned in the right or left column depending upon your page layout. This stylish slider allows you to display as many products as you would like to present in the block. Customers can easily scroll up and down to see all these suggested products. “Select all “and “Unselect all” options provide them more convenience in selection and deselection of products. Once customers click on add to cart, all the selected products will be added to the cart. This whole process takes just a fraction of second to complete.

Who Bought This Also Bought - Backend:

A very simple but powerful featured backend module allows you to perform following actions comfortably,

Who Bought This Also Bought - Configuration:

  • Select Yes from the drop down to enable this module
  • Enter text that will appear as a title of the block
  • Show related products of same category to the current product.
  • Limit the number of products in WBTAB block
  • Filter the products with their order status
  • Set the position of the block according to the product page layout
  • Filter the products on WBTAB according to their stock levels.
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Reviews & Ratings
  • Reduced Bouce Rate

    quote Since i have installed this extension i have noticed that specially from the product page bounce rate from our site has dropped. Highly recommended everyone ad this. quote

    Read more
    by: Osaca on 9/9/12
  • must have

    quote Magento needs to have this as a default functionality in Community Version. none the less i am glad to get it from you guys.

    Great Support Guys!! quote

    Read more
    by: Gabriel on 8/26/12

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