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Pricing Calculator for Magento® 2 (1.0.7)

Magento 2 Price Calculator by fme calculates the price of product based on the measurements entered by customer such as length, width, height, area (Sqft), volume, cubic meter, etc. Price Calculator extension offers perfect pricing solution for shops selling tiles, blinds, flooring, fabric, fencing, frames, wires, ropes etc. The merchant will just have to set per unit price of the product and this extension will calculate exact price based on the measurement from customers. The merchants can also add a fixed based price, discount rules for large quantity and configure measurement units (meter, foot, inch, etc)
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  • Key Features

    • Calculate Price Based on Length, Squareft, Area, Volume
    • Set Per Unit Price like price per meter, foot, inch, etc
    • Let customer Input the measurement to calculate price
    • Dynamic Pricing Formula for Discounts on Quantity

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Dynamic Pricing Extension

  • Set Price Per Unit

    Per unit price can be set for each product depending on your preferences like $5 per meter, foot or inch.

  • Multiple Measurement Units

    You can use 5 different units of measurement in Price Calculator to allow customers determine the price of the product i.e. Meter, Foot, Inch, Millimeter & Centimeter

  • Dynamic Pricing Formula

    This extension uses an advance formula to calculate the price of the product based on dimensions entered by customers

  • Price Based On Area / Volume

    Customers can purchase the exact quantity /size of the product by entering the measurement based on length, area, volume, etc

  • Pricing With Discounts

    Based on the size of the product being purchased by the customer, discounts can be offered

  • Fixed Base Price

    You can add a fixed base price that will be added in the calculated price to display the final price for checkout.

Use Cases of Magento 2 Price Calculator?

If you have products with variable sizes and can be sold based on area, square foot, or volume, then you can use pricing calculator. Below are a few use cases examples of products that can be sold using our pricing calculator

  • Price per unit (meter, foot, inch, milimeter, etc) - Demo
  • Area based pricing - carpets, blinds, tiles,Banners, etc - Demo
  • Volume based pricing with percentage discount - Demo
  • Volume based pricing with options & fixed discount - Demo
  • Area based pricing for Configurable products - Demo
  • Tiles sold in square foot - Demo
  • Sell tiles in boxes - Demo
  • Variable mulch sold in the cubic meter - Demo
  • Sell fabric in meter - Demo
  • Blinds sold in length and width - Demo
  • Flooring sold in square feet - Demo
  • Sell Wallpaper with custom option - Demo
  • Sell carpets, a variable product - Demo
  • And more…

Checkout all the Magento 2 Measurement Pricing Calculator Use Cases with Examples Here.

FME Magento Extensions

How Does Magento 2 Pricing Calculator Work?

Setup Magento 2 Pricing Calculator in 3 easy steps

  • Step1: Set Price per Unit

    The first step involves in settings a per unit price for each product. You can access the backend & select the suitable unit as price per centimeter, millimeter, foot, inch or meter etc.

  • Step 2: Create Input Fields for Customer

    The second step is to set the input fields for the product from the backend such as length, width, height, weight according to the type of the product

  • Step 3: Let Customers Put The Measurement Value

    The final step concludes as the customer enters the desired measurement values in the field like length, width & height of the product. Pricing calculator validates the entered measurements & calculates its total price. As the customer changes the values, the price changes as well.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Fixed Base Price

You can set a fix base price to be added in the total price of the product. During the price calculation of the product, the base price set by you from the back end will remain unchanged.

The default price of the product is used as base price. If you do not wish to add any fixed base price you can leave the Magento default price field empty.

  • Show / Hide Base Price

    This feature allows you to show or hide the base price at the front end of your store after the final price has been calculated.

FME Magento Extensions

Supports Multiple Input & Output Units

You can set product measurement unit depending on the nature of the product. For example, if you are selling fencing wire you would set a price per foot or meter. This Magento 2 Pricing Calculator extension supports following 5 measurement units.

  • Centimeter
  • Inch
  • Foot
  • Meter
  • Millimeter
FME Magento Extensions

Add Minimum & Maximum Size Limit

You can tailor our dynamic pricing formula to set size limits. Use the following syntax to add size limits, e.g. Length_min=5;Length_max=70;Width_min=5;Width_max=80

Also make sure you use keyword (Length_min, Length_max, etc.) given in the extension configuration.

FME Magento Extensions

Offer Quantity Based Discounts

You can earn better sales and revenues by adding discount rules to your variable sized products.

  • Discount based on size

    By settings discounts on the size of the product purchased, customers are encouraged to buy in bulk which gives you higher revenues.

  • Fixed / Percentage discount

    Depending on the nature of the product being sold, you can add discounts as fixed as well as percentage.

  • Show / Hide Discount On Front End

    You can choose to show or hide the discounts shown on the product page depending on your preferences. Showing discounts on the front end will encourage your customers to purchase in bigger quantities.

FME Magento Extensions

More Features

  • Extension works fine with default custom options and configurable products
  • Based on the input values the product price is dynamically updated
  • 5 input and output units are supported by the extension such as Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter, and Inch etc.
  • Fraction values and integer values are supported
  • Percentage and fixed discount can be applied on product quantities
  • You can set your own validation message when customer enters wrong measurement values
  • Multi Stores Supported
  • Includes Step by Step Installation guide

Merchant Benefits

  • Attractive discounts can be applied to the entire range of your products. By showing discounts on the front end the customer is motivated to purchase more from your store increasing your store revenues.
  • You no longer have to give away extra amounts to customers for free. With dynamic pricing Magento extension you can sell on the specific amounts the customer needs and save the rest for other customers.
  • Square foot pricing formula allows you to set a restriction on the minimum and maximum amount of product purchased from your store. This can be effective strategy to prevent sale of those products that are not favorable to be sold in small quantities.

Customer Benefit

  • Customer can enjoy and easy to calculate pricing tool for acquiring exact price per required measurement of the product. Every variable sized product on the store can be purchased for specific sizes.
  • Magento 2 Square Foot Pricing extension allows customers to save their money. Instead of buying an entire roll of carpet, customers can purchase the precise dimension for their floor.
  • The pricing rules offer discounts to those products purchased in greater sizes. As the size desired by the customer increases, the discount increases proportionally. Purchasing a carpet roll in between 20-40 feet will give 10% discount and if more length is added from 40-80 feet then 15% discount will be applicable. Different discounts can be set on different sizes.

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Reviews & Ratings (7)
  • Calculates in Real-time

    quote This is featured-rich extension to calculate the product price with custom options. quote

    Read more
    by: Vishal on 9/5/2018
  • Fully-featured

    quote It's a full-featured & responsive extension, automatically calculate price as the desired values are entered. Works great and bug free. quote

    Read more
    by: wing17 on 7/9/2018
  • Excellent Product

    quote I thought I stop by and share a few words about my experience with Magneto 2 Pricing Calculator. The extension has exceeded by expectations and the support team has been surprisingly brilliant. quote

    Read more
    by: Joe on 3/27/2018
  • Very useful extension and even better support

    quote I was recommended FME by a client and I really appreciate the minute details that FME adds to their extension. Pricing Calculator is a complete and highly recommend solution for variable-sized product pricing. quote

    Read more
    by: Nikki on 3/27/2018
  • Best Dynamic Pricing Extension out there!

    quote Really impressive work done by FME. This extension does everything what it claims and that is a lot of things. I really like the discount formula implementation. quote

    Read more
    by: Nick on 3/27/2018
  • Boundless Support

    quote I have had a great experience FME team. I was having some serious configuration issues with the extension on my website so I got in touch with the team. They responded right away and with 24 hours I got my extension running without any hitches. Great work FME and great extension. quote

    Read more
    by: Todd on 3/27/2018
  • This is a Super Extension

    quote I cant say enough about this addon. Amazing functionality and rock solid development. Excellent support to back it up. Helpful in getting the extension installed and configuration quote

    Read more
    by: henry on 8/17/2017

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