Besides bringing more traffic, Magento Gift Registry extension is an ultra smart plugin to manage online registries. It gives your website a beautiful landing page for online registry. Customers can create their own registries for various purposes such as for wedding, gifts, birthdays etc. This Magento Registry Extension has a wonderful notification module for customers. Visit demo of this extension to drill down and find out it’s amazing features.


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Online Gift Registry Magento Extension offers complete set of features for your customers to create online wishlists. It allows them to create and manage online registry without any hassle. From business point of view Magento Gift Registry Extension brings more traffic to your website. How does that happen? Customers create gift registries and notify their loved ones to visit the website and purchase products for them. This ultimately brings more visitors to your website. On the other hand customers are able to fulfill their wishes.

How It Works: Gift Registry

With this Extension you can define any types of registry such as gift registry, baby registry and wedding registry etc. Customers will be able to create their own wishlists from the available registry types with the following features,

  • Customers can create multiple registries which they can manage from their accounts
  • They can specify the desired number of products in their registry
  • They can personalize registry with desired information such as personal message, title, date, city etc.
  • Customers can create any type of registry such as gift registry, baby registry and wedding registry etc.
  • Enter registrant and co-registrant information
  • Secure their registry with a PIN code that will only be viewable by those who have the PIN
  • Secure their registry by making it public or private
  • Choose shipment options before and after the event.
  • Add multiple products and desired quantity to the registry
  • Share their registry with any one

Administrative Features: Wedding Registry

  • Centralized Registry Management section, all registries created by users are found in this section.
  • Create registry types, add banners, set URL prefix, select store views, set custom page layout and add content very conveniently
  • Create a Landing page on your website for Online registry, configure its title, set banner and add content.
  • Configure form hints such as Hint for security Pin, hint for shipping address etc.
  • Configure SEO settings
  • Allow items over desired quantity with custom options
  • Configure days before and after the due date

Visit demo of Gift Registry Magento Extension and checkout all features live, if you have any questions or require custom work please feel free to contact us.

How it Works: Gift Registry


After installation of the Magneto, you will find a landing page created on your website with title as “Online Gift Registry”. To make changes to this page visit admin section (details below). The banner and registry types shown on this page are all configurable from the admin section. Clicking on any registry type will take customers to “Create new registry” page where they can enter all details to make their dream wishlist. Create wishlist form has following input;

  • Enter event information for which the registry is being created such as wedding, birthday etc.
  • Enter registrant and co-registrant information
  • PIN code to secure the registry
  • Main Photo for registry
  • Make registry public or private
  • Choose shipment options before and after event

Once the registry is created it is accessible from the “My Account” section on your website. “My Registry” tab is created which shows all registries created by that user.

Edit/View/Share/Preview Registry

From My Account section customers can edit/view/share/preview registry. Clicking on view will show all products added in the registry and will allow them to update desired quantity. They can inform their friends and relative to visit and view this registry by using Share option.

Add Products to Registry

“Add to Registry” option is created with each product on home, category and detail page. Customers will click on Add to Registry to add desired products and quantity to registry.


From the admin panel Online Gift Registry Magento Extension allows you to manage following sections;

  • Manage Registry types
  • Manage Registries
  • Add Registry Types
  • Configuration

Add/Manage Registry Types

You can add and manage registry types easily. Create registry types such as Wedding Registry, Gift Registry etc. Users will be able to create these types of wishlists for them from the frontend.

Following information can be added

  • Enter Title and URL prefix
  • Upload relevant banner for the registry
  • Select desired store view
  • Choose desired page layout
  • Enter text for the registry

Registry Manager

Registry manage is a central repository for all registries created by users. You can view or add any by yourself.


  • Enable/disable extension
  • Configure settings for landing page such as title, banner and description
  • Configure meta information for registry landing page
  • Configure form hints
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